8 Plant-Influencers You Have To Know!!!

Plants make people happy :D

Instagram is a place for everyone. For me, for you, for our pets and of course, plants as well. With Millennials advocating for sustainability and being pro-green, there has been a hunger for contents about nature and living with greens. Today, I will run through with you some of my favourite plant influencers on Instagram.

  1. @haarkon_ (216K Followers)
    This Instagram account is jointly managed by India & Magnus, two visual storytellers. They travel around the world, shotting about their adventures and the different magnificent plants they came in contact with. Majority of their pictures are greenhouses that they have visited during their different trips. Their Instagram feed will provide you with inspirations on infusing greenery with architecture and decorating your own greenhouse.


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  2. @urbanjungleblog (749K Followers)
    If you are consistently on the lookout for new and beautiful ways to style your homes with plants, @urbanjungleblog is one account you should be following. The account often reposts beautiful green home-setups of other plant lovers. Thus, you will constantly be amazed by how creative house-plant owners can be.


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  3. @fairyblooms(320K Followers)
    Of the many house plants, succulents are one of the most popular and easiest to take care of. This plant influencer posts about nothing but succulents.


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  4. @boyswithplants (104K Followers)
    Just like their Instagram handle, they post about boys and plants. For each post, a different boy will be featured with different plants.

  5. @botanicalwomen (148K Followers)
    This plant Instagram account has the same concept as the previous plant influencer but even better! Its now Girls with plants! 😀

  6. @that_one_plant_guy (23.4K Followers)
    He is the Mr know it all of all things related to houseplants. If you own a few houseplants at home and you need some tips on how to grow them, he is the guys to look for.


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  7. @still_______ (109K Followers)
    if you simply just enjoy looking at plants because they make you happy, then you should follow  All her photos are original work with her own plants and they are very aesthetically pleasing.


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  8. @thejungalow (1.1M Followers)
    Of all the plant influencers, the most famous one has to be @thejungalow. Their Instagram bio says, bring good vibes home. So, time for some new changes in your room!


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