6 Reactions to KFC’s Recent No Straws Initiative

In an attempt to save Mother Earth, more companies are hopping on the wave of becoming environmentally sustainable, and this includes KFC. The fast-food restaurant announced recently that all 84 of its outlets in Singapore will no longer provide plastic caps and straws with drinks starting 20 June 2018. They estimate that this will see a huge reduction of 17.8 metric tonnes of single-use plastics in a year.

They announced this decision on Facebook, among other platforms, introducing the official hashtag #KFCNoStraws for their cause, which unfortunately, does not seem to have been taken up publicly by users on Facebook, or on Twitter at all. On Instagram, however, the hashtag has been used by two individuals as of the time of writing.

After the news was released on 18 June 2018, some reactions were sparked off on social media, even if they weren’t tagged with the right hashtag. Let’s take a look at some of them!

WWF-Singapore posted on their official twitter account as well to recognise KFC Singapore for their efforts, with the hashtag #UseLessPlastic.

When the news was shared on the Green Drinks (Singapore) Facebook page, home to a non-profit environmental society, some lauded KFC’s actions while others suggested that straws still have a place in our society, even if for the convenience of those who are not able to drink from cups with ease. This resulted in a heated debate on the issue of the necessity of straws.

Excerpt of comments [1] from the Green Drinks (Singapore) Facebook page.

Excerpt of comments [2] from the Green Drinks (Singapore) Facebook page.
Click here to see the full discussion on this issue.

With such an international fast food chain participating in this worldwide movement to use less plastic, we hope that other major fast food chains will be encouraged to join in on such a campaign as well. Together, let’s make our Mother Earth a better place for you and I.

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