6 Questions to Ask in Influencer Post Analysis

A more in-depth analysis on creating great content with your influencer

In our article on improving the KPIs of your sponsored post, we talked about some of the questions to consider when creating content with your influencer and gave you a brief example for better understanding.

In this post, we will explore content creation in greater depth, making use of the 6 questions that covered in the previous article and have provided as a guideline. Today’s example will be micro-influencer @chloehhh_x. Let us assume that you have chosen Chloe as one of the influencers you wish to work with and you need to provide her with a brief on what to include in her sponsored post.

We will begin our analysis by looking at her most liked posts in the past 6 months as of the time of writing:

Most liked posts in the past 6 months from top to bottom, left to right; data generated using Popular Chips‘s analytics platform.

In order to analyze the posts in a more comprehensive manner, let us now look at the 6 questions to think about again:

  1. Who (or what) is the main focus of the post?
  2. Who (or what) else features in the post?
  3. If people are present, what are they doing?
  4. Where and on what occasion was the post taken?
  5. What does the influencer say in the caption?
  6. Is this a sponsored post?

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Q1: Who (or what) is the main focus?

It is quite evident from the photographs above that the main subject of all of Chloe’s top posts are herself. Not a single photograph that does not include her has managed to make it into her top 15 posts from the past six months.

This is the information you would share with Chloe in the brief, based on what we have gathered.

DO: Include yourself in the photograph
DO NOT: Take a photograph containing only the object you are promoting

If we take a look at some of Chloe’s posts that do not do so well, we see that the advice given above is sound. The post below, for an example, does not include Chloe and only received 2782 likes, half the usual number.

so happy to receive my own personalised card case from @luxemono ? thank you ❤️ #luxemomo

A post shared by Chloe Chong (@chloehhh_x) on

Similarly, this post, which features only a sandwich and fries without her, received only 3421 likes, 60-70% of her average.


A post shared by Chloe Chong (@chloehhh_x) on

Q2: Who (or what) else features in the post?

Aside from the post in the second column of the first row, the rest of Chloe’s top posts feature her alone. While Chloe does not always talk about where she is or what she is doing, many of her top posts include backgrounds that give some context to her photographs.

Key takeaways
DO: include an interesting background
DO NOT: feature other people in your posts

This post featuring her mother on Mother’s Day for an example received 4202 likes, which is lower than the average number. While there is certainly nothing wrong with Chloe posting photographs with her mother, this is perhaps something she should avoid doing in a sponsored post.

This post, featuring a friend, also received fewer likes than the average.

Let us now move on to the third question. Here is the compilation of Chloe’s top posts again for easy reference.

Q3: If people are present, what are they doing?

As noted above, Chloe’s top posts all feature her. In most of them, she appears to be posing in a full-body shot, looking as if she is modeling her outfit of the day (#ootd). Although Chloe does not hashtag her posts as such, the concept itself appears to gain her more likes from her followers.

Furthermore, none of these shot are (or appear to be) candid shots. Other than the post on the third row of the third column, none of these photographs are selfies.

Key takeaways
DO: make your posts follow the #ootd concept, pose in a full-body shot
DO NOT: take a selfie, take a close-up

Chloe does appear in the following post, but the shot is taken selfie-style. This post received 3026 likes.

This shot, which is not full-body, and has been taken in a manner so as to look candid, also did not perform as well as her average.

Q4. Where and on what occasion was the post taken?

Most of Chloe’s top posts appear to be taken as if she is in the midst of doing an interesting activity, or going somewhere. Although many of these posts are taken with the outfit-of-the-day concept, they are not simply taken in front of the same, or similar spots every time. Chloe does not make it a point to tag her location, but sometimes does allude to where she is.

Key takeaways
DO: take the photograph in a location that looks dynamic, as if you took time out of your day to compose the shot

Q5. What does the influencer say in the caption?

Chloe’s captions are not often very long. Unless she is advertising a giveaway, most of her posts only contain one line, and in some cases, only an emoji.

Key takeaways
DO: Include a short caption in your post; include emojis if necessary

Chloe’s longest captions to date are for the giveaways she conducts for the B2C online shopping platform ezbuy. These posts often garner her many more comments than usual because they require participants to tag three friends in the comments among other rules. However, it is also the case that many of these posts do not result in many likes. This could suggest that while participants do take part in the giveaway, because they have a voucher to gain from it, they do not enjoy the content that she is producing in order to promote this giveaway.

Q6. Is this a sponsored post?

As Chloe does not tag her sponsored posts or collaborations with hashtags such as #ad, #sp or #spon, it is not possible to identify with 100% accuracy which posts are collaborations. For the sake of our article, any post that mentions a brand account shall be treated as a sponsored post.