6 Best Halloween Makeup Looks on Instagram.

Lets get creepy!

Its almost end of October and Halloween is approaching. Girls and boys, its time to put those artistic genes in you to work! Halloween is all about dressing up and getting your makeup on point! Not inspired yet? Fred not! Continue reading this article and you will get the inspirations you need. Let me walk you through some of the best Halloween Makeups on Instagram.

In just less than a month’s time, the hashtag #halloweenmakeup has gathered 24.7K posts on Instagram, reaching 163.3M potential audiences. Obviously, I will not be sharing 24.7K Instagram posts and overwhelm you with the different makeups. I have selected 8 looks out of these posts, each with their individual theme and style. Now let’s get inspired!

The screenshot is taken from the PopularChips Platform.

Something Classy.

Most of us would have either done it or have seen others carrying this look. Scottish Makeup Artist and YouTuber Jamie Genevieve (1.1M Followers) recreated the look this Halloween. You can never go wrong with this look.


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Something Joyous

Halloween doesn’t always have to be filled with blood and darkness right? Beauty influencer and makeup artist Makenzie (23.6K Followers) added an abundance of sunshine to this look. This is definitely not a common look at a Halloween party and you will be the roses among the thorns carrying it.

Something Smiley 🤡

What is Halloween without killer clowns right? This look is also done by Makenzie, and as of today, it is her most liked post on Instagram. I guess her followers really love this look.

Something Strange

If you find the people on my strange addiction strange, this look will blow your mind. I call it the strangest look this Halloween! Youtuber Taylor R (354K Followers) brought Halloween makeup to a whole new level with this look.


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Something Spooky

Of course, Halloween will not be complete without the scary elements. Professional Makeup Artist Julia Wunderlich (109K Followers) came up with, in my opinion, one of the scariest look for Halloween 2018. What makes this look so scary is the fact that all looks normal till your skin falls. With this look, you don’t have to worry about not having enough sweets for treat or trick because they will not be anywhere near you for sure.


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Something glamorous

Like that Rihanna song, you will be shining bright like a diamond with this look. This “Majestic Unicorn” look is created by YouTuber Amy The Mermaid using lots of silver glitters. Her reason for creating this is because she believes that not all Halloween costumes have to be scary.


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I understand that some of these looks may be hard to recreate, but you can always check out the socials of the influencers mentioned above for tutorial videos. Feel free to comment below on which look do you think is the best?

Hope the rest of your Halloween month doesn’t suck like a vampire. May you have an amazing day and a freakishly scary Halloween!

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