5 Unusual Pet Accounts on Instagram

Whether you’re having a bad day and need some cheering up or you want to take a break from the doldrums of daily life, if cute animals are what you want to see, Instagram is definitely the place to be.

The social media platform has made sharing photographs and videos of our pets so easy that anyone and everyone can create an account for their pet. Search #cat, #dog or any other animal and you will find absolutely adorable photographs and videos of your animal of choice. While some of these accounts produce original content, a significant number of others also take from those who do, sometimes without the original owner’s permission.

Today, let me share 5 original Instagram accounts that feature unusual (but still equally adorable) pets.


?”It was such a scary dream mama! I opened the fridge and there was nothing in it!!” ????❤️

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If asked about raccoons, many people will conjure in their minds the image of a feral creature that scavenges for food in trash bins, taking every opportunity to bite their fingers off if they are not careful. Yet, take a look at one of the most popular raccoon-featuring accounts, @pumpkintheraccoon and you will perhaps change your mind.

Pumpkin, featured above, appears to have been completely tamed, interacting with the dogs in the house and with its owner with no evident aggression. In fact, Pumpkin the raccoon appears to enjoy reading, looking out into the sea and having mini pancakes.


Here’s another animal that we would not expect to see in the average human home: a fox. This is Juniper, who has been nicknamed “The Happiest Fox” by her owners. From what it looks like in her Instagram posts, she lives in the house with her humans.

Bright Eyes✔️ Bushy Tail✔️ Snaggle Tooth ✔️

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@juniperfoxx has apparently inspired several people across the world to consider taming their own foxes, which has led to Juniper’s humans setting up a page for Frequently Asked Questions, reminding people that foxes, although similar to cats and dogs, are still of their own kind.


While we have only introduced some furry mammals thus far, those of you who have a thing for reptiles may like this one. MacGyver the Lizard is red tegu, a predatory lizard that has a captive lifespan of 12 to 20 years and has an adult size of 2½ to 3½ feet, occasionally reaching more than 4 feet long (Reptiles Magazine). Here’s @macgyverlizard moving across the bed in a Halloween-themed pumpkin costume.

Any questions?

A post shared by MacGyver S. Pumpkins (@macgyverlizard) on

MacGyver’s owner has chosen to use videos rather than images to present the red tegu to users on Instagram so we strongly suggest that you go to MacGyver’s Instagram account to check these videos out. Even if you do not like reptiles, do give this guy a chance–according to the owner, MacGyver is just like a “big scaly dog” and even responds when his name is called.


So far, we’ve introduced three animals Instagram accounts that already have large to massive followings. Our next account is @usausausaphoo, which features Usao, an up-and-coming axolotl (pronounced ax-oh-lot-ul), a Mexican salamander sometimes colloquially called the “walking fish”. Axolotls, however, are not fish but are actually a type of amphibian. Here’s a video of Usao eating a pellet of food.

Axolotls, like quokkas, appear to have permanent smiles on their faces, which makes them look cuter than the average amphibian, or fish for that matter. While Usao and many other axolotls in bred in captivity are white and red, most axolotls in the wild are actually much darker in color. For those of you interested in the axolotl, how it moves or what it might be like to own one, do take a look at @usausausaphoo’s trips around his tank.


The final animal Instagram account we are sharing with you today is that of two sugar gliders, Beni (female) and Oimo (male). Sugar gliders get their name from their diet (comprising largely nectar, sap, fruit and insects) and their ability to glide between trees, thanks to the small flap of skin that extends from their wrist to their ankles (The Spruce).

Do a quick search online and you’ll find that most sugar glider Instagram accounts, like @momonga.2017, feature two or more of the creatures at once. This is because sugar gliders are social animals and enjoy interacting both with their own kind and with human beings. So if you are planning to get a sugar glider, do make sure to provide them with lots of opportunities for play.

Perhaps reading this article makes you want to own an exotic pet of your own. Or perhaps you already have a pet, and now want to set up an Instagram account for it. If not, I hope this article has at least brightened up your day with the adorable animals we have featured.

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