5 Things to do this Summer (Singapore Edition!)

I know what I did last summer and it was boring.


We’re cool for the summer – Demi Lovato

We’re really not. Yes, summer’s here and even though some of us have massive parties planned out, the other bunch of us (including myself) have no clue what we’re going to be doing. Unlike Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa with their super cool pool parties, my previous summer was a bummer.

This time, I’m going to set things right and make it fun (at least in my opinion). I’ve taken it upon myself to make a list of fun things to do over this vacation period. Let’s start!

1. Visit The Fragment Room @thefragmentroom

Let’s be real for a second – we’re all stressed out from school, work and other commitments. There will be times when you just want to smash everything you see in sight but refrain from doing so because you’re afraid of the public’s judgement (I may or may not be speaking from personal experience).

Now, you can take all that pent up anger and frustration and destroy as many things as you’d like – for a fee. The Fragment Room is Singapore’s first “rage room” where people pay to smash things with a baseball bat.

Of course, there have been several discussions surrounding how this “hobby” propagates the idea of violence as a solution to stress, but hey – you’ll you put in a white protective suit and nobody else will get hurt, sounds like a win to me!

This anger therapy session has also been visited by the hype hunters Jemimah James Wei and Rosalind Pho back in 2017!

One thing’s for sure – this is definitely something cool to try out in Summer if you have the time!

2. Take a soak at Yunomori Onsen @yunomori_sg

Ever wanted to have an experience at the hot springs but don’t want to travel all the way to Japan? This is the place for you! Located at Kallang Wave Mall, Yunomori Onsen provides you with a variety of herb-infused hot springs.

It’s as close as you can get to the real thing (if you don’t actually want to travel to Japan) and there are many baths for you to choose from.

The food served there is also tantalizing and visually appealing to say the least! Just make sure you hydrate yourself regularly as the baths can get extremely hot and may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to heat and get dizzy (once again, I may or may not speak from experience.)

3. Isolate yourself in a Sensory Deprivation Pod @palmavefloatclub

Directly quoted from the home page of their website, these sensory deprivation pods from the Palm Avenue Float Club help to “Reset your mind and body”.

This “healing” pod allows for easy meditation as sound is stripped away. You get to lie in a bath of epsom salt and feel weightless. People reportedly feel more calm after the experience and treat it as therapy to heal the soul and body.

Be warned though, some people may find this experience frightening and stressful. Not to worry, if you think you’re one of those people, just check out the other things we have on this list!

In any case, these pods sure are beautiful, aren’t they?

4. Join a Famine Camp @worldvisionsg

An initiative by World Vision SG, this 30 hour camp was introduced to Singaporeans to convey certain important messages. In developed countries, we have access to so many things that we constantly take for granted. This camp serves as a reminder to us that we already have it easier compared to people who are starving daily.

Be sure to check this out! It’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

5. Become a Mermaid/Merman (@singaporemermaidpodofficial)

This one’s a little more whacky. If you’ve ever wanted to have a mermaid tail, you should definitely check this out. Syrena, the founder of the mermaid school, teaches her students how to swim like a mermaid/merman – tail included!

Sure, this is probably more popular among the females, but there have been males seen donning the tail and enjoying themselves!

I mean, its summer. The weather’s warm and you probably wanna cool off. What better way to do it than with a mermaid tail? They also make for aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos.

This is your opportunity to become the mermaid/merman you’ve always wanted to be!

Whether or not you decide to go for any or all of these, we hope you enjoy your summer thoroughly!

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