5 Sustainable Fashion Nano Influencers To Follow on Instagram

We live in an age where sustainable fashion is very quickly picking up speed. With the reality of the climate crisis descending upon us faster than we would like, a lot of our consumption choices are being changed for the greater good. Within the realm of fashion and beauty, sustainable influencers have been gaining traction and are looked to as both good examples and beacons of inspiration. 

Here are 5 young, sustainable fashion influencers to follow on Instagram if you haven’t already. They’re all nano influencers, so it’s good to get in on this before your competitors!

1 – Emma Slade Edmonson | @emsladedmondson | 8.5K Followers

Emma is the founder of Charity Fashion Live (@charityfashionlive), which is a platform that recreates London Fashion Week looks as they happen, using only items that are found in a single charity shop. This concept blew my mind. It’s the closest thing to convincing people that LFW looks can be achieved in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

Another great thing that Emma co-produced is @lovenotlandfill, which is a clothes bank come charity centre, allowing people to either donate their clothes, thrift, or swap. These initiatives, which are a tangible manifestation of things that Emma believes in is probably what makes her so successful as a sustainable fashion influencer.

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This is reflected through her positive audience growth, which hit it’s peak at 18.6% in Nov 2019 and it now averages 9%. 

Her Top Collaborations are with brands/organisations like @trinityretail and @traid, which have the same mission as Emma i.e. to tackle the negative social and environmental impacts of making & disposing clothes.

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Here is her very aesthetic pastel Top Performing Post of this year.

2 – Bianca | @biancaffoley | 11.5K Followers

Bianca calls herself a “sustainably curious, midsize fashionista”, which is a really nice way of saying that her content caters to individuals who shop consciously, and also have a certain body type. This way, she has managed to carve a very specific niche for herself, which is useful when brands are looking for influencers to collaborate with.  

As a very cool project, she co-hosts a sustainability podcast called @sustainablyinfluenced, which aims to guide people through “the minefield of sustainability”. 

Unlike the other influencers in this article who fall into the Gen Z demographic, Bianca’s audience is mostly made up of millennials.

Here is her Top Performing Post this year:

It got a 4.7% Engagement Rate, which is healthily higher than the industry average. 

3 – Tolmeia Gregory | @tollydollyposh | 12.7K Followers

Next is Tolmeia, a Gen Z influencer based in the UK, with a significant following in the US and Italy as well. 

Apart from being a fashion activist and blogger, she is also a graphic designer and if you search ‘tollydollyposh’ under IG stickers, you will find her hand drawn work.

It is clear that Tolmeia is a respected voice in the industry (not just fashion but ethics and sustainability as a whole) because she is followed by quite a number of big organisations. These include 4 Ocean, CNN Climate, Extinction Rebellion, and even Jameela Jamil’s @i_weigh initiative!

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Here is her Top Performing Post of this year, which got a 6.3% engagement rate — twice the industry average for nano influencers. 

4 – Leah Thomas | @greengirlleah | 13.0K Followers

Leah is on Patagonia’s communications team by day, and a climate action influencer the rest of the time. Another great thing about her is that she is constantly spotlighting PoC owned brands and shops to her followers. 

Like Emma, her Top Collaborations are indicative of the values that she stands for, as well as how she goals about achieving her goals.

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Each one of these brands are working towards the same goal of sustainability and they’ve trusted Leah with their message and vice versa.

She is based in California and her audience is predominantly American (73% in total), which means that she would be good for a local campaign. 

Her average Engagement Rate is 5.6%, which is higher than the industry average for US nano influencers.

5 – Sophia Li | @sophfei | 24.1K Followers

Sophia makes it a point to post #consciouscontent, which based on her feed means content that is environmentally conscious, or generally sensitive. She is also based in the US — New York, specifically — and most of her followers are from there. 

She also makes it a point to educate her followers on what sustainability actually means and which brands truly practise this. Take a look at her story highlights for example:

She has two highlights dedicated to teaching people sustainable tests, what kind of certification logos to look for, and what they mean. 

Here is one of her Top Performing Posts this year:

It got a 4.8% Engagement Rate which is double her average. 

Environment-Focused Marketing

The climate is the responsibility of everyone, so it wouldn’t hurt to design a campaign that is focused on raising awareness, raising funds, or simply paying tribute to mother nature. With so many influencers out there who are making it their personal mission to combat the crisis one step at a time, seeking fruitful partnerships isn’t as much of a hard task as it might have been before.  

Let’s Get Sustainable 🌍

Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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