5 Singaporean Activist Accounts To Follow Before GE2020

In the lead up to Singapore’s 2020 General Elections, it has never been more important to be aware of the society we live in, what exactly needs to change, and how. Activists and politicians represent individuals on two sides of a spectrum: those who enact bottom-up change, and those who enact top-down change. In an ideal world, these groups would work together to build a better society. For now though, here are 5 accounts that speak up about important issues in the society we live in. 

1 – Wake Up, Singapore | 53K Followers 

Wake Up Singapore (or WUS for short), is one of Singapore’s leading pages for current affairs and social justice issues amongst millennials and Gen Zs. Their content is a mix of memes, infographics, and carousel posts that explain opinions & issues in accessible language. 

Their Top Performing Post this year was a compilation of images taken of migrant workers offering a helping hand to Singaporeans, even when they were not asked. 

This came as a response to how the state had overlooked their wellbeing during the pandemic, as well as the systematic denial of certain rights and freedoms to our migrant workers. Their audience has been steadily increasing this year, and experienced it’s sharpest peak of 8.8K followers in the month of June.

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This is likely due to all the elections-related content they have been posting that is useful for first time voters. 

2 – Wake Up Ur Idea | 8.0K Followers 

‘Wake Up Ur Idea’ is actually a very common phrase in Singlish — it is used when you want to tell someone to be more open minded, or to call them out for backward thinking. This account is highly educational, and some of my favourite content from them takes this form:

They select extracts from scholarly articles and break down the ideas in them, which democratises information and also sheds light on relevant issues. Unsurprisingly, they’ve got a high average Engagement Rate of 14.39% and the above post in particular got a 164% Engagement Rate. 

One of the biggest issues that Wake Up Ur Idea speaks up about is the Migrant Worker issue, and they have done so via conversations and videos with organisations and individuals who work tirelessly for the cause.

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If you want information and politics made simple, this is an excellent account to follow. 

3 – SG Climate Rally | 5.6K Followers 

SG Climate Rally is a youth-led movement in Singapore that pushes for climate justice as well as solidarity (super important!). In the weeks leading up to the election, they have also released a Greenwatch Scorecard to track the various political parties commitment to climate action. 

This is intended to educate the public about their political leaders and simultaneously hold these leaders accountable. One of their Top Performing hashtags recently is #AskYourCandidate, which encourages and empowers Singaporeans to field pertinent questions. 

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Their audience has grown by an 18.28% average this year, which shows that young Singaporeans are getting increasingly involved in matters related to the climate. They also collaborate with other climate organizations in Singapore such as @speakforclimate and @zerowastesingapore, so be sure to check those out too!

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4 – Sayoni | 2.5K Followers

Sayoni is an LGBTQ+ advocacy group in Singapore that places intersectionality at the core of their ethos. They have been doing amazing work for the community over the years, and in the last few weeks they have also taken up the topic of LGBT issues in politics so as to help people determine where their vote should go. 

Like SG Climate Rally, Sayoni has also come up with a scorecard but focused on politician’s publicly expressed views on LGBT issues. This post was very well received, and got an Engagement Rate of 103%. 

Another amazing initiative that Sayoni works with is @sgbravespaces — a non-profit organisation that engages and empowers women in Singapore. 

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Check them both out for key ideas and resources related to intersectional feminism!

5 – UTOPIA | 1K Followers 

Last but most definitely not the least is UTOPIA, a platform that seeks to raise awareness about issues that are rarely addressed in mainstream media. Their most engaging segment is Miss Education, hosted by @preetipls and their Top Performing post this year is Episode 1 on migrant worker dormitories. 

They also started a campaign to raise money for Migrant Workers NGOs: 

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The goal was $100,000 but they made triple the amount.

As a growing voice in Singapore, UTOPIA talks about things that people feel they don’t have the language for and this is important, especially as we prepare ourselves for an election. 

Educating yourself is important, and these accounts (& individuals behind them are here to make that process easier for us). Check out their content if you haven’t, and make sure to use your vote wisely! 

As mainstream media attention moves away from the #BLM movement, we’d like to remind you still that Black Lives Matter. There are many, many ways to pledge your support to the movement as a whole as well as undo institutional and structural racism in our societies. Now is not the time to remain silent. 

If you’re interested in doing more than supporting black-owned businesses and amplifying the voices and work of black creators, visit this link curated by Indya Moore: https://linktr.ee/Indyamoore which contains educational resources, bail funds, organisations to donate to, and ways to rebuild black businesses. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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