5 Secret Ingredients to Malibu Rum’s Malibu Games Influencer Marketing Campaign

It is officially the first week of Summer!

Summer is the season of beach games, pool parties and chilling with friends.


This summer, one brand took these three elements of the season and created an epic event representing all there is of SUMMER.

It is none other than MALIBU 🍍🍹🥥 – the home to a series of refreshing, tropical-flavoured rum 😋

In this article, I want to take a closer look at the influencer marketing strategies of this alcohol brand that took an exciting and fun-filled spin on their brand’s summer campaign – The Malibu Games 2019.

But first, a background of The Malibu Games!

⛱ Background of The Malibu Games ⛱

The Malibu Games made its debut last year and the thrilling event is back again this summer. Last summer, the games were held in Vietnam and featured celebrity Nick Jonas as one of its key influencers. This year, the event took place in The Dominican Republic over a period of three days in May. Though the games happened in May, this campaign is set to engage consumers throughout the Summer Season.

So then, what’s so special about The Malibu Games and their Influencer Marketing Strategy? Let me take you through the 5 secret ingredients that have made this Influencer Marketing campaign a hit: 

#1: Documenting the Spirit of Summer across Multiple Platforms – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube 🎥

In just under two days, Episode 4 of The Malibu Games will be released across Malibu Rum’s social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

The brand leverages particularly on Instagram’s IGTV feature to air snippets of the games and behind the scenes of the influencers’ interactions. The episodes have been incredibly well-received thus far, especially Episode 2, which garnered a 12.56% viewership.

In fact, the games have become so popular that Episode 2 of the games has amassed 170k views on YouTube as compared to the channel’s 16k subscribers, that’s a viewership more than 8 times its total subscribers!

Malibu Rum YouTube

This move to integrate its content across multiple social media platforms is a clever one by the brand. It is likely to help Malibu diversify its reach as the three platforms cater to a different profile of users. 

Majority of the older millennial generation can be found on Facebook, while the majority of the younger millennials can be found on Instagram. For YouTube, the platform sees a diverse user age range. 

By meeting consumers on the platform they are most comfortable with, Malibu widens its reach and appeals to different sets of consumers.

2) Inviting 31 Influencers from 9 Different Countries 🌎

This year, The Malibu Games went global by inviting a total of 31 influencers from 9 different countries to participate in games.

Malibu Rum Website

By engaging such a diversified portfolio of influencers, Malibu Rum can expand its reach to followers of various countries.

Let me prove my point by showing you some statistics I got off Popular Chips.

Hannah Stocking is an influencer from the United States (USA). Accordingly, 31% of her followers hail from the United States. She then has a mix of followers from countries across Europe such as Germany and Italy.

On the other hand, Natti Natasha is an influencer from the Dominican Republic, whose top 3 audience resides in Colombia, USA, and Chile.

Jessica Ho, an American-born influencer based in South Korea, has a majority of her followers coming from both South Korea and the USA. However, she has a variety of followers from across Asia such as Indonesia, China and Thailand thanks to her entertainment career in South Korea.

3) Micro, Macro and Celebrity Influencers 📣

The 31 influencers who were invited to the games were spread across three tiers of influencers – micro, macro and celebrity. Here are some examples of influencers from each category who had standout performances on their Instagram posts about the event!

Micro-Influencer: @ianharper (46.8k followers)

Ian Harper’s posts about The Malibu Games received a lot of engagement from his followers such that the event-related hashtags #becausesummer and #malibugames were within the top 3 trending hashtags on his profile.

Popular Chips

Macro-Influencer: @vintagedolls (894.6k followers)

Rachel Chen is likely the influencer with the most number of Malibu Games posts featured within her top 10 posts in the past three months.

Popular Chips

4 of her top 10 posts are related to The Malibu Games, showing that her followers not only appreciate her content but also enjoy seeing her having fun at the games!

Celebrity Influencer: @nattinatasha (15.2M followers)

Natti Natasha seems to be missing her time at The Malibu Games as she recently posted a photo with Hannah Stocking 1 month after the games ended. Even though the post is less than 2 weeks old, it has quickly made its way to become part of her top 5 posts.

Popular Chips

One of the spikes in the number of likes on her page this month was also attributed to this particular post.

Popular Chips

4) Diversity and Inclusion 🥰

Diversity and inclusion have been a hot (and touchy) subject among both influencers and brands. Many brands have been put under scrutiny in the past due to their lack of diversity and inclusion. Malibu has clearly made an effort to stay away from such publicity as influencers of minority ethnicities and influencers of different shapes were invited to the games.

Alex LaRosa (@missalexlarosa)

Alex LaRosa is one gorgeous woman who knows how to flaunt her curves! 😍

Freddie (@freddie)

Just look at this loveable shot of Freddie and Alex LaRosa, who represent both The Tidal Wavers and the Black community.

Jessica Ho (@jessicah_o)

American-born South Korean Jessica Ho (Jessi) is the only influencer representing Asia in The Malibu Games.

5) Malibu Games Exclusive Hashtags and Stickers 🏝 

The last, and also the most important part of any campaign – campaign-exclusive hashtags and stickers!

For The Malibu Games, two particular hashtags were used to engage Instagrammers – #malibugames and #becausesummer.

There are also incredibly adorable Instagram story stickers like the ones below!


I honestly have to say, I love the stickers (I mean look at that pineapple with sunglasses). And what better way to cheer on the team than putting those cute “Let’s Go” stickers with the team name? 

Malibu Rum Instagram

These are the Top 5 Influencer Marketing Strategies from Malibu. If you would like to see more, check out another brand’s 2019 summer campaign here – Pepsi’s #Summergram Campaign.

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