5 Marvelous facts about Avengers: Endgame

Many people have followed the Avengers through their 10 year long fight, starting from the very first avenger and up till the recent addition of Captain Marvel. With so many years of battles, hardships and emotions poured into this franchise, the original Avengers can finally rest after their final battle in this last Avengers movie, the Endgame, to once again, save the world from Thanos’ formidable finger snapping.

While we avoid spoiling too much of the show for those who have yet to see the movie(due to the perpetually sold out tickets), here are 5 marvelous facts about the Endgame.

1. Garnered almost twice its audience reach in just 2 weeks.

Marvel’s audience statistics

We see fruitful marketing efforts leading to the premiere of the movie and an even higher increase after the release of the movie on April 24, where the influx of followers continue to rise on their official social media account. There is also a relatively high engagement rate of 7.75% (the average is 3.61%), indicating high amounts of likes and comments made by users in the recent 3 months about Marvel.

2. Most popular campaign tag: #DONTSPOILTHEENDGAME .

The final chapter of the Infinity saga is an accumulation of 21 films with 10 years’ worth of emotional investment. As such, many fans do not wish to have this important moment ruined by spoilers on social media, especially since many also have to wait as movie tickets stay sold out on their first week of cinematic release. This started the immensely popular hashtag by the producers (the Russo brothers) themselves, #DONTSPOILTHEENDGAME.

Marvel’s popular hashtags

This hashtag was so immensely popular that it now has the highest engagement rates for Marvel, with 1.316 million likes and 9,667 comments respectively.

3. The most followed Marvelverse character is actually not in the Endgame.

Top 3 famous cast members

While original characters like Captain America and Thor are the most popular characters in the movie, the most famous cast member is actually Zendaya who plays M.J. in Spider-man, with 55.5 million followers on her Instagram account. This is followed by Vin Diesel, who voices Groot, with 54.1 million followers and Robert Downey Jr. , who plays Iron Man, with 36.5 million followers.

4. Marvelous Record-breakers

We expected the Endgame to rake in some new records but did you know that the film broke pre-sales ticket records within 6 hours of release?

Official trailer for the Endgame

Moreover, its trailer had a colossal 289 million views within 24 hours of its release, breaking the previous record of 230 million views within the same period of time.

5. Not the end of the third Marvel arc

Despite being the last movie for the infinity series, this movie is not the end of the third arc in the Marvel Comic Universe. The closing chapter will be released in July 2019, entitled: Spider-man: Far from Home

Spider-man: Far from home official poster

In all, I don’t know if it’s because this movie is Stan Lee’s final appearance or because one’s long time relationship with the original Avengers on screen has ended, but there is certainly a sense of loss that resonates through the whole cinema by the end of the movie.

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