5 Malaysian Influencers You Should Be Looking At [Infographic]

And how you should be looking at them

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We all know how stressful it is for marketing managers to choose the best influencer for their influencer marketing campaigns. With zero barriers to entry to the market, new influencers catch our attention every other week and we are completely spoiled for choice.


But fret not.


Here I listed 5 important factors in choosing your next influencer and 5 Malaysian influencers who best fit that criterion.


For this selection process, I used Popular Chips analytics’ search engine with the following filters. The influencer must have:

  • More than 500,000 followers
  • A local Malaysian following of more than 80%


Note that the influencer need not necessarily be a Malaysian.


With that, finding the right influencer for each criterion was a breeze.


Now let’s talk about the different criteria  I have chosen and why you should use them to select your influencers.


High Local Following

(Featured: @sallywho)

This is a no brainer for local campaigns. If you want to appeal to the national market, you’d best employ the influencers who have at least a 70% local following.


More often than not, an influencer based in country A has a majority following in country B.


Therefore, using this as one of your selection criteria is a good bet in finding your perfect influencer despite their origin.


High Interaction Rate

(Featured: @bujibuchempel)

Interaction rate is the total likes and comments an influencer gets in proportion to his/her total following. It’s the best way to measure the impact your campaign will make on your target audience.


A wide reach (a.k.a higher following) does not guarantee a strong impact (a.k.a higher likelihood of sales and brand awareness)


And the higher the interaction rate, the stronger the impact of your campaign.


Low Inactive Following

iamrosyam low inactive following

(Featured: @iamrosyam)

With higher pressure on Instagram influencers to garner more followers, fake followers in the form of bots are more rampant than ever.


Despite Instagram’s best efforts to take them out, there’s no denying that the market for fake bots is lucrative.


Fake bots bring up statistics and get influencers on the radar, making influencers extremely willing to spend time and money on them. And where there is an incentive, there will be a supply.


So make sure you don’t kill your next campaign and instead, select influencers with a healthy inactive following of not more than 15%.


High Female Following

ashhannas female influencer

(Featured: @ashhannas)

Selecting your influencer based on the majority gender of his/her audience is important.


Social media knows no stereotype of what females or males spend their time looking at on the platform.


For example, the majority following of a new-mother influencer may be seasoned fathers.


The fact is that the gender of the influencer does not determine the gender of those interested in their feed.


Millenial Following

wakdoyok analytic

(Featured: @wakdoyok)


Different products appeal to different age groups.


In order to maximize your return on investments, engage an influencer who has a majority following of the target age group.


Here, I featured @wakdoyok who has a high following of millennials aged 18-35. This, for example, would be great for brands who are marketing chic and affordable fashion accessories.


A more luxurious and expensive brand may look to engage influencers with an audience of which majority have full-time time jobs with a higher paying salary ( >25 years old ).


Final Thoughts

The possibilities are endless with the right processes and tools.


I hope this article has been useful in suggesting Malaysian influencers to hire and what criteria to use in choosing them.


How do you select influencers? Which country should I analyze next? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!








Written by Terri Tan

I am a quirky individual currently working with influencer marketing analytics startup, Popular Chips. I love writing about sassy and trendy topics, especially those related to marketing. Hit me up if you have any queries~

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