5 Facts About Star Wars Fans on Social Media

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has already had its world premiere on 9 December and is due to show in cinemas on 15 December. For now, to tide you through until the day, here are five facts about the fans of Star Wars (on social media) that you might not have known.

Fact One

Star Wars isn’t just a male-oriented franchise.

Graph of gender distribution generated using Popular Chips’s proprietary platform.

While the original movies may have once been marketed mostly to geeks and appealed more to males than females, this is definitely no longer the case. As the graph on the left suggests, their Instagram account actually has 3% more female (indicated in yellow) than male (indicated in lime green) followers!

Of course, since more females than males use Instagram in general, the fact that their Instagram account has more female followers does not suggest that females now make up a majority of the fan base. It simply suggests that Star Wars isn’t the male-oriented franchise that it used to be.

Fact Two

Star Wars fans hail from Brazil, Indonesia and India after the United States.

Graph of country demographics generated using Popular Chips’s proprietary platform.

While it has been many years since Star Wars has become an international phenomenon, one might still expect that a large portion of its fans come from the global West, from the United States in particular. Their social media accounts suggest otherwise.

Although it is true that fans from the United States lead the pack with 27.06% of followers, coming in 2nd place is Brazil, followed by Indonesia and then India. It is only in 5th place that we see the United Kingdom, another country from the global West.

Fact Three

The fan-base has grown by two million followers in the past year.

Graph of followers generated using Popular Chips’s proprietary platform.

From 6+ million to 8+ million followers on Instagram (and still counting), the Star Wars’ fan base has grown significantly in the past 11 months. This growth has been steady, with no observable spikes and dips that indicate any unusual activity, suggesting an organic fan base truly interested in the content being produced.

Fact Four

Fans are most active on Tuesdays.

Table of best time to post (indicated in magenta) generated using Popular Chips’s proprietary platform.

Fans of Star Wars appear to be most active on Instagram (interacting with the account’s posts through likes and comments) on Tuesdays, followed by Sundays. On the other hand, these same fans appear to take a break on Wednesdays, showing only approximately half the interest in interacting with the account’s posts.

Fact Five

The Top 3 posts in the year 2017 are all promotional posters.

Top 3 most popular posts generated using Popular Chips’s proprietary platform.

From trailers to birthday wishes to behind-the-scenes action, the official Star Wars Instagram account has it all. But what sorts of posts have been the most popular among fans in 2017?

Perhaps due to the accessibility of the content, all top 3 posts have been promotional posters. Since users of Instagram typically scroll quickly through their feed, high resolution posters with a short caption making announcements about the new installation have been found to be the most popular.

Here are the top 3 posts in greater detail, beginning with number one. We’re really digging the black, red and white color scheme in this installation.

#TheLastJedi poster has been revealed. Go to the link in our profile for the first trailer! #StarWars

A post shared by Star Wars (@starwars) on

Check out the brand new poster for #StarWars: #TheLastJedi and watch the trailer tonight.

A post shared by Star Wars (@starwars) on

Now that that’s done, we hope you manage to avoid the spoilers until the fifteenth!

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