5 Cool Facts About Childish Gambino’s Fans on Social Media

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)’s new hit, This is America, which dropped on Saturday (May 5) is the new viral sensation in the entertainment world. According to Billboard, Glover’s music video obtained 1 million views within the first hour of being released on YouTube, and reached a whopping 12.9 million views after just 24 hours. It has since hit 61 million views as of the time of writing.

So what is Glover’s fanbase on social media like?

I. They include Celebrities

Glover’s fans include a fair share of celebrities, who have mentioned him (and his new piece) on Instagram and Twitter as well as commented on his post on Instagram since Saturday. This includes fellow personalities in the music industry such as Adele, Steve Aoki and Janelle Monáe.

Adele, for an example, asked how Glover had “the time to offer us so much greatness on so many platforms” at the end of her reflection post on having turned 30.

Electro-house DJ and producer Steve Aoki called Glover “Genius AF” and praised the song for being “[b]rilliant”.

He also posted a photo of himself and Glover in 2015, attempting the #aokijump.

#aokijump #887. The Aoki x @childishgambino Jump. Brazil. 2015

A post shared by Steve Aoki (@steveaoki) on

Janelle Monáe tweeted nothing but his name punctuated.

Glover was also mentioned by celebrities who are not in the music industry, such as actresses Nicole Richie and Naomi Campbell.

II. His Fanbase has Grown by 76% in the Last Month

At the beginning of the year, Glover already had more than a million followers on Instagram. His follower count, however, largely stagnated for several months, until April, when news of the several tours he would be going on broke. It is clear, however, that his follower growth only grew exponentially in May. Take a look at the graph below:

Graph of @childishgambino's audience growth generated via Popular Chips's proprietary platform
Graph of @childishgambino’s audience growth generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform.

As a matter of fact, Glover’s fanbase grew a whopping 76% from April to May. For an individual whose fanbase already consisted of over a million followers, a growth of 76% is truly astonishing! His Instagram account now boasts a follower count of 2.2 million.

III. More of his Fans are Female than Male

This one might have come as a little bit of a surprise. If you had expected Glover, whose main genres of music are hip hop, funk and RnB, to have more male than female fans, I would not blame you. As seen from the graph on the left, however, this clearly is not the case.

48% of his fans are female, as compared to 34% who are male. This means that for every 2 male fans Glover has, approximately 3 of them are female!

IV. In the US, his Fans Hail from Los Angeles

The greatest number of Glover’s fans hail from the United States. They make up slightly more than half (54.71%) of his audience. Glover himself is from the States and tours largely in the US and Canada, so it stands to reason that his fans are largely from that same region.

Among his fans from the US, we can further identify the city from which they hail. According to the graph shown on the right, the largest percentage of Glover’s fans are from Los Angeles, followed closely by New York and then Portland.

V. His Fans have caused his Engagement to Skyrocket

They don’t call them fans for nothing. Glover’s fanbase has caused his engagement on Instagram to go through the roof in the last few days. Although his Instagram account currently only has a single post, containing a snippet of This is America, his engagement rate stands at 56.95% as of the time of writing. In comparison, the average engagement rate for an influencer from the States stands at a much smaller 2.10%. Even celebrity influencers like Kylie Jenner, who are known to have very active fans, have an engagement rate averaging 4.5%.

We hope you’ve found out a little bit more about Childish Gambino’s fans on social media! Watch This is America below.

*All graphs and statistics in this article were generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary analytics software. Follow the link to our website for more information!

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