5 Celebrity Dads you need to follow on Instagram this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner – June 16 to be exact.

Though we should be celebrating our fathers every single day, I am thankful that one day on the calendar is marked out especially for us to thank our Dads.

Whether our Dads are cool like this…


Or goofy like this…


They’ve got our backs.


In light of this special occasion, I’ve put together a list of 5 Celebrity Dads you should follow this Father’s Day, who use Instagram to showcase their endearing interactions with their children.

1) Tablo Lee | @blobyblo | 2.6M followers

“Do you miss someone? I do.” #bff

A few years ago, this South Korean rapper featured on The Return of Superman together with his daughter Haru Lee. It is a variety program where celebrity fathers spend 48 hours alone with their children. He has left the cast since 2015 but continuously updates fans about his daughter through his own Instagram account as well as an Instagram account created just for her (@tabloisdad).

Though he is currently on a world tour with his band members, he shows just how much he loves and misses his daughter.

He makes sure to FaceTime Haru during his breaks…

And spends time with her once he’s back in town!

I also adore how he hashtags #bff when posting images with her, showing off their strong bond.

2) John Legend | @johnlegend | 10.5M followers

Mummy influencers, move out the way. Time for Daddy influencers to shine!

John Legend needs no introduction. Both himself and his wife Chrissy Teigen are huge celebrities and social media stars.

Unlike most celebrities, his Instagram feed reminds me of a Daddy influencer’s feed (not that it’s a bad thing at all).

His children have made such regular appearances on his Instagram that all his top 10 posts in the past three months were images featuring his children.

And I mean ALL.

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Daddy influencer-worthy? Definitely.

His captions are also incredibly sweet

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My ❤️

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And sometimes witty.

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cute and beautiful (L to R)

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One thing’s for sure, he definitely loves his children (and so does all of Instagram) 😉

3) Wardell Stephen Curry | @stephencurry30 | 25.7M followers

They are my Number 1 fans and I am theirs too 💕

Stephen Curry is an NBA star and his Number 1 fans are none other than his little ones, who are always supporting him at games.

Though he is a beast on the court with the MVP (Most Valued Player) title under his belt, he is a doting father who spends time with his children when he’s off the court.

Actually, he can’t seem to part with them, even in group photos (spot the little man in the photo).

With these adorable shots of him cuddling his princesses and little man, I can’t help but think that Stephen Curry is the Number 1 fan of his children too, even if he doesn’t put it into words!


4) David Beckham | @davidbeckham | 56.2M followers

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

I couldn’t leave this soccer star out of the list.

David Beckham is the father of three handsome young men and one beautiful young lady. He often takes to his Instagram to wish each of his children Happy Birthday.

He also makes an effort to upload at least one image with his children every month.


As you can see, he doesn’t just share individual photos with his children, he shares family photos too!

Instagrammers definitely love seeing him post about his family. Looking at his top 10 posts, two family photos snagged the top two positions with 2.5M likes and 3M likes respectively.

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Looking at a chart provided by Popular Chips, two of the three peaks in his average likes also belonged to posts about his family.

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5) Dwayne Johnson | @therock | 146M followers

I’m THE ROCK but I’ll do anything for my girls, including hiding 100 tiny, colourful eggs for their Easter egg hunt… 🥚🌈

Almost everyone knows Dwayne Johnson as The Rock. His build and characters on-screen are incredibly fitting for his tough image, yet when it comes to his daughters, he’s a huge softie.

Just look at this adorable post:

He also calls them his “lil’ queens” and promises them that he’s got their backs.

Instagrammers are loving these precious interactions as seen from the list of his top 10 posts.

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Hopefully these little ones will know how much The Rock adores them when they are old enough to scroll through Instagram!

This rounds up my list of the 5 Celebrity Dads you should definitely follow this Father’s Day!

Also, it’s our turn to give back. Let’s not forget to take some time out this weekend to spend time with our dear Dads and thank them for their love and care (even if they don’t show it as these Celebrity Dads do)!

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