4 Marketing Secrets From Huda Beauty Herself

And how her brand is in every Instagram Beauty Video

Huda Kattan

In summary, Huda is a make-up artist and THE top beauty influencer on Instagram. But to shed a little more glitter (and light) on her, she is:

-The Bill Gates of the Beauty Influencer Sphere.

No. 1 beauty influencer who earns $33,000 per sponsored post, the highest of any beauty influencer.

-A self-made woman worth $550million

-A Queen with a total Instagram following of 37.6 million on @hudabeauty and 1 million on her personal account @huda.

Huda Beauty

Born in 2013, Huda’s brand is the fastest growing beauty brand and according to Forbes is valued at $1.2 billion . It has also received a minority investment from TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity firm that also invested in ‘Smashbox’ and ‘Its Cosmetics’ and rings in a sales revenue of at least $200 million a year.

PS: Huda’s first product (and the product that propelled her to create her empire, is her fake lashes, the most popular being the #7: Samantha Lashes.)

As a business that is built through the internet, I decided to analyse her Instagram too, and here are some interesting facts about @hudabeauty:

Analysis of @hudabeauty, provided by Popular Chips

Despite having 37.6 million followers, which is a lot more than many of the biggest beauty brands like MAC (22 million) and Kylie Cosmetics (20.8 million), @hudabeauty still sees a huge audience growth of 2.05%, or an increase of more than half a million followers a month.

Her brand engagement rates are a stellar 0.76% and while it’s 1.2 times the engagement of an average brand (usually 0.5%) and just amazing considering her following the size of Jakarta’s population(4th most populated cities in the World).

So here’s the Billion-Dollar Question (literally): How did she do it?

Today, I will be bringing you the invaluable marketing tips of Huda Kattan herself.

Tip 1:  Crazy Discipline in Content Strategy

-> Consistent post schedule:

@hudabeauty’s post frequency, provided by Popular Chips

Huda posts an average of 3 times a day religiously

Courtesy of @hudabeauty

With at least 1 video( or IGTV) a day,  setting about 3 hours apart per post. While one may think such frequent posts might water down the engagement, her number of likes and comments are actually quite consistent:

@hudabeauty day-to-day top posts June 6-June 9 2019, provided by Popular Chips

Huda’s posts average out to about 283,284 likes per post, with little deviation in numbers.

Video is key when building a brand like Huda Beauty

Huda has always said that videos are key in her posts and as mentioned previously, she needs to have at least one video a day. In fact, she tries to keep about 70% of her content video-related.

Top post by @hudabeauty in the current quarter, provided by Popular Chips

Her top posts per month (except for May) is usually a video post(highlighted in pink). Though her image posts in May garnered the highest likes and comments for the year, it is clear that videos generally attract more like and comments on the daily.

So if your brand has yet to post regular videos or IGTV, then perhaps you could also start incorporating them in your feed!

Tip 2: Personability

If you haven’t realised already, about 80% of @hudabeauty’s feed is Huda herself, doing make-up tutorials or giving tips, like this one:

And this one:

This gives her brand a personable image rather than just the stone hard concrete image of a company. Her audience is also appreciative of her hard work (it’s definitely not easy being boss of the company yet be posting tutorials and tips on Instagram for your audience every day), as most of the top posts feature Huda:

Top post by @hudabeauty in the current quarter, provided by Popular Chips

She also shares a slice of her life in some of her posts like this one where she posts a video of mummy and daughter as Princess Jasmine:

And even a not-so-glamorous video of her shaving her face:

This makes her relatable to her fans and audience. This would make her more reliable as a beauty influencer so more people are likely to use what she uses, rather than other influencers who seem so up there that them promoting certain products just seems too unbelievable.

Tip 3: Be a hashtag pro

Being an influencer for years, Huda is an expert at hashtags. Take a look at her posts:

Courtesy of @hudabeauty

As you can see in most of her posts, she uses a hashtag, which generally increases engagement as other people who might be searching up that hashtag will also see the post. In fact, when she first started out her Huda Beauty, she used #hudabeauty (now the company’s core hashtag) and now, there are approximately 21 million posts with that hashtag. Here is an analysis on her top 3 hashtags #hudabeautylashes, #hudabeautygiveaway and #hudabeauty:

Listen analysis of #hudabeautylashes, #hudabeautygiveaway and #hudabeauty, provided by Popular Chips

Just 3 of her hashtags reach a staggering 256.7 million users on Instagram, 9.6k of which are influencers, showing how powerful hashtags can be when used correctly.

Here are her tips for those of us looking to use hashtags like she can:

-She uses a specific hashtag (#huda-, #hudabeauty-, etc. ). This distinguishes her as opposed to overly populated tags like #makeup or #eyeshadow. She also has specific hashtags for her products like her new neon eyeshadow palette in the above, #hudabeautyneonobesssions.

Hashtags usually start from Huda herself, meaning that she is able to then analyse the type of posts and sieve out potential ideas for a new product and new looks according to the activity of her consumers.

-She uses 1-4 hashtags a post. She does not overcrowd her post with too many hashtags that could frustrate some people.

Tip 4: Stay true to your root

Huda is from Dubai and she always stays close to her roots and tries to give more representation for the coloured community. She tends to feature other make-up artists from the middle-eastern region including:

Aliya Fatima:

And Safia Abdallah:

Moreover, she does make-up tutorials in Arabic from time to time:

Of course, I want to give back to Dubai as it’s the birthplace of Huda Beauty (Sephora Dubai)

That’s right. Huda gives back to the community in Dubai, where she sold her first pair of lashes:

courtesy of @hudabeauty

I hope these 4 tips can help you build an amicable image in the social media sphere and who knows, one day, every video related to your industry might just have your account tagged to it too!

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