4 Insta-Peculiar and Famous Accounts

What does it take to be famous in this digital generation? A Hollywood actress? A billboard international singer? A supermodel?

Yes for all but in the social media space, anyone, anyone can become Insta-famous (sometimes overnight). While celebrities still take the top position of most followed or most liked IG posts of the year (Selena Gomez, Rihana), there are many accounts out there that are Insta-famous for reasons unexpected.

It seems like users are now bored of normal and the weirder something is, the more viral it gets. This is definitely true of the Insta-Peculiar and Famous accounts that we are going to share here!

Stay until the end, it gets better, we promise.


@CASHCATS – Boss cats (157k followers)

Around since 2011, the @cashcats account is exactly like what is sounds like – showing cats living the high life as they pose casually on piles of cash. Cashcats is where the world’s most ballin’ felines go to show off their lavish lifestyles.

Will Zweigart, a Brooklyn-based digital marketer behind the account has since received picture submissions on their website from all over the world, contributing to its current cat-nificent feed.

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i need it all right meow #cashcats

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everything i do is big #cashcats @fatcatart

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While Cashcats may be on the more perfect, lavish lifestyle of cats, the account also direct users to @flatbushcats who is a TNR (trap-neuter-release) – focused cat rescue in Flatbush, Brooklyn currently fostering 4 lovely cats.

Cashcats may provide a great source of entertainment for us but it could also bring together a community of cat lovers to the message of cat rescuing/ fostering, a great influencer of the cat community isn’t it?


@MYHOTELCARPET – Around the world with carpets (628k followers)

Second most liked post by @myhotelcarpet for 2017 – From Popular Chips

Account run by Bill Young – a photographer, a pilot who travel for a living. As he travels around the world and stays in numerous hotels, he begins to find a passion in shooting all the beautiful hotel carpets that he came across. What started off as a personal hobby/ interest went viral because of one tweet.

With only a little more than 100 followers, Bill’s daughter, Jill tweeted asking users to show some support for his dad’s account and make it viral. Her Christmas wish came true early and @myhotelcarpet has since gone extremely viral as he grew from just a few hundred followers to whopping 628k followers now!!

Many news sites have also picked up on his viral success which led to greater fame for his carpet collection IG account. The overnight celebrity even got himself a potential collaboration with Marriot Hotels!

When asked to share the inspiration behind the account, Bill said “I started noticing how obnoxious a lot of these carpets are… Completely unlike anything you’d see in a house, often very intricate and gaudy”. His wife, Heidi, then suggested he create an Instagram page devoted to the carpets and that’s how it all started!


@IAMTHESWIMREAPER – Influencer dark figure (173k followers)

“Just lovin life. lol. Nah, jokes. Lookin to reap some peeps this summer. If ur gonna make dumb decisions in the water, I’ll be waiting. Holla!” – @iamtheswimreaper

Top commented post of @iamtheswimreaper in 2017 – From Popular Chips

This Grim Reaper is like no others – taking each post on Instagram with a quirky and deathly sense of humor. Who knew a dark ominous figure like him would go viral and become an influencer of his own.

This latest black-coated Instagram star was part of an effort by Water Safety New Zealand to warn people about the risk of drowning in the run-up to summer. The campaign was set up as a way of reaching at-risk young men, aged 15 to 30 while despite only making up 14% of the population, they accounted for around a third of all fatal incidents annually in New Zealand.

To appeal to the audience, the swim reaper takes on a whacky tone and can be seen doing activities popular among young men – surfing, playing volleyball and reading..?

Audience growth statistics from Popular Chips

The account was first started in December 2016 but only picked up this October where internet users begin to notice and news sites featured the swim reaper! In a span of a month, the account grew tenfold to its 173k followers now!

An innovative way to bring across a message that is so crucial yet often overlooked. We hope the swim reaper can keep up with its whacky content and continue entertaining us but also, successfully warned all the young men out there.


@IHAVETHISTHINGWITHFLOORS – Selfeet on beautiful grounds (842k followers)

Top liked post by @ihavethisthingwithfloors in 2017 – Statistics from Popular Chips

Have you ever notice some of the grounds you walked on?

While the author is based in Amsterdam, the account leverages on the power of user-generated-content to showcase the best selfeet on beautiful floors from all around the world. As users post with the official hashtag, they stand a chance to get their selfeet featured on the account and share with all 824k followers.

The next time you happen to chance upon a gorgeous floor setting, why not whip out your phone, snap away with a #selfeet and tag #ihavethisthingwithfloors?

Do you know of any other peculiar Instagram account, do share with us!


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