325,000 people are following @albertbabycat – let’s find out why

Influencer Interview with Christine Look

Welcome back to our Influencer Interview column! Today we are excited to Interview Christine Look the person behind the incredible success of @albertbabycat‘s wonderful Instagram account.


Username: @albertbabycat
Full Name: Christine Look
Country: US
Followers: 325k
Avg. Likes: 16k


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

I post Albert’s photos and videos on a daily basis, because his followers can’t get enough his cute little munchkin cat antics!

When did you start your Instagram experience?

Albert’s Instagram was created by me in September 2014 when I attended a feline film festival on a whim and saw the potential he had.

Did you start with the purpose to make it a job or did it start as a passion that became a job?

I started Albert’s account as a hobby and turned into a career. Albert always receives a lot of attention and I knew that with the right marketing I could make him a star.

How long did it take you to make your first 10,000 followers?

It took about four months to hit our first 10,000 followers. The process was extremely difficult because I was new to Instagram so I had to learn everything from scratch about Instagram marketing.

Which is the post you like the most or are most proud of?

Albert’s best post is his moonwalking video.

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🏃 Albert channeling MJ.

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I put him on the window ledge and started filming him in hopes he would do something funny. After calling to him to come towards me to my delight he started walking backwards! I was ecstatic and paired the video with Michael Jackson’s music. It was pure gold.

His second best video would be his butt wiggle video. With huge dilated pupils, he looked like a real life cartoon.

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The infamous butt wiggle.

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What camera/phone do you use to take your pictures?

We frequently get asked what camera we use to take Albert’s photos, we just use our phone! Right now I am using an LG G5.

Do you cultivate your Social Media presence in other Networks too?

Although Instagram is Albert’s main presence on social media we are active on Facebook, SnapChat, tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter.

Have you ever collaborated with other influencers? If so, how?

We have done a few collaborations with some pet influencers :

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🐶 Matching hats with our pal @rustyrodas !

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What’s your favorite Social Network and why?

Instagram and SnapChat are definitely our favorite because they focus on photos and videos.

What kind of people do you follow on Instagram?

I primarily follow celebrities and brands on Instagram that I like in real life such as Disney, Bouchon Bakery, McDonald’s, Netflix, etc.

Have you ever worked with international brands that published a sponsored post in your Instagram feed? If so, can you please make some example and tell us your experience?

Our favorite sponsored post of an international brand was one we did for Google Photos

I positioned Albert on the armchair with an iPad and he looked like a little human man engrossed in looking through photos of himself.

Holiday post for Coca­Cola

We also recently did a hilarious post for Mini Cooper Australia


How often do you publish sponsored posts commissioned by brands? How do you think your audience reacts to sponsored posts?

We do sponsored posts almost weekly. Most of Albert’s fans don’t mind the sponsored content because we try to work it into the post in a creative way. Some
of them support us and Albert by saying things like “Albert could sell me a used toilet.” or “Anything Albert is selling, I want to buy.” On the other hand we get
some fans that don’t understand that a lot of time, effort, and money goes into the content of Albert’s account that they enjoy everyday and comment things like
“Albert is a sellout!”

Do you mainly work directly with brands or through agencies?

I mainly work through agencies. I prefer to work directly with brands but most of the bigger brands work through agencies because it is easier for them to have one point of contact for all their campaigns.

Have you ever accepted to publish a sponsored post for a brand without being paid?

When we had less followers we used to do sponsored posts without receiving monetary compensation and only product. But as time progressed I realized I can not live off of trade only for posts as well as that we deserve to be adequately compensated for the content we produce.

Have you ever used an Instagram Analytics? If so, please elaborate and let us know your experience.

I peruse Instagram Analytics every so often, it is interesting to see what part of the world Albert’s followers come from.

Have you ever bought followers or likes?

I have never purchased fake followers or likes because I enjoy as well as take pride in knowing that the engagement we receive on Albert’s Instagram is

What would you suggest to someone who wants to be an Instagram Influencer?

Starting out as an Instagram influencer is a daunting task. It’s important to create
content that engages people. Only after people value your content will they listen
to what brands you promote.

What do you think about the recent changes to the Instagram’s feed and the relevance that Videos are assuming?

Unlike most of the negative feedback about the changes to the Instagram feed I
have been reading I actually am looking forward to it. I think most people are
misunderstanding the implementation of the formula to be a popularity contest.
The algorithm is based on how each individual views their Instagram feed and
what the individual engages with the most. Sometimes I find that I miss posts
from accounts that I follow so it would be great to see posts that I value as
important at the top of my feed.

Popular Chips’ favorite pictures from @albertbabycat’s Instagram account



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🇲🇽 Happy #CincodeMayo

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Many thanks Christine for taking the time for answering our questions and good luck!

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