3 Ways to use Social Media to Boost Events

At all times, we always hope that we get a good event turn-out rate. However, sometimes we just do not get a satisfactory response rate.

Using social media is a good way to boost events turn-out rate! Below are 3 ways:

1. Create a Facebook Event Page 

Almost everyone has a Facebook Account, and most people log in to Facebook at least once a day.

Having a Facebook events page makes it very convenient for those attending the event and those who want to find out more about it as information can be posted on the events page, enabling everyone to be updated of the latest news.

Additionally, Facebook allows event page sharing with just a single click, which allows the event to reach a wider audience!

Below is an example of a Facebook events page featuring Sam Smith’s concert in Singapore, which will be held on October 2.

Furthermore, creating a Facebook Event Page allows you to get an idea of who is interested or would potentially be attending the event, as well as encourage networking before the event takes place. This is also a good way to find out who you can attend the event with if you are unsure of who can go with you!

On the events page, it also allows discussions to take place, such as the selling of tickets as seen in the example below.

2. Create one Unified Event-Specific Hashtag to use across all Social Media Platforms 

It is very important to create a unified event-specific hashtag, use it, and market it-an important step that events tend to forgo or miss out. On every post that you create on your social media sites, be it Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn, add the hashtag to it. This helps to expose people to more content from anyone who uses that hashtag, when they just search for that hashtag itself.

Using a unified event-specific hashtag makes it very convenient for anyone and everyone to find out any content you are sharing, as well as find out who is talking about you organically!

Additionally, this is a method to get to know who will also be attending or is interested in this event.

For example, Artbox Singapore used hashtags such as #artboxsg2018 and #ARTBOXSingapore in their latest Artbox Singapore event.

Hence, be sure to remember to use the hashtag well in advance before the event to reach out to more!

3. Using Facebook Advertisements to promote the event 

Using Facebook advertisements are a good way to promote events to audience. It increases people’s exposure to the event and if they were previously not aware of the event, they may give some thought to it after coming across the advertisement.

With Facebook’s custom audience feature, it allows you to show ads to people who have visited your website previously. Hence, event advertisements can be showed to people who left before they indicated interest in the event.

If you have not been engaging social media to boost your events, it is not too late to start engaging it now!





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