3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Brands

Instagram Story- a feature on Instagram that lets you share the moments of your day with your followers. Instagram story allows you to share multiple photographs and videos in a slide show format, which will disappear after appearing for 24 hours.

You must be wondering, how will using Instagram story actually be able to help your brand name become better?

1. Take advantage of polls in Instagram story

Earlier this month, Instagram introduced a new feature in Instagram story, polls, which allows for anyone to add customisable polls to their story and collect feedback from those who answer the polls.

Polls are a good way to engage your followers and audience, as well as gather more opinions on  what they feel about any topics related to your brand itself. With polls, the audience also feels more involved in the brand’s decisions and hence it might spark interest in the brand. Additionally, this way also helps you to save time, money and effort on going the extra mile to find out what opinions do people have.

For instance, below is an example of Tribe Hummus getting opinions on its food by asking its audience to respond to the poll.

This way, Tribe Hummus can collect data on consumer behaviour without even having to spend money.

2. Partnering influencers to create an Instagram story for your brand

An influencer has the ability to enhance purchase decisions of consumers due to relationship, authority, knowledge, or position with his or her audience. Using influencers to create an Instagram story for your brand is a form of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool due to the outreach of audience that an influencer can get access to, from his or her large social network. With the right influencer, your brand appeal and awareness will definitely see an increase. Additionally, influencers are generally more trusted when giving brand product recommendations as they are considered more credible.

For example, below is an Instagram story of influencer Lily doing an advertisement for majorelle collection.


3. Do live Instagram tutorials

Apart from using Youtube to post videos such as beauty tutorials or even offer advice, Instagram story allows you to do so too. Instagram story is another wonderful place for you to talk to your audience and share great things with them.

For instance, Loreal Paris Makeup frequently posts Instagram stories to let their followers be aware of what is upcoming or currently happening.

What is even better now is that, Instagram stories can be added to the Instagram highlights section, so that your audience can view these Instagram stories permanently even after 24 hours!

Here, Loreal Paris Makeup also has many Instagram highlights for their audience to view.


So brands, what are you waiting for? Try out Instagram stories and see how much it can benefit you!


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