3 Types of Instagram Story Stickers and What Brands Can Do With Them

Stickers have been a permanent fixture of Instagram Stories almost since the feature’s inception. They help users personalize their Stories and interact with their followers in a fun and engaging manner.

Other than the emoticons, hats and sunglasses, which are available all year round, Instagram also introduces stickers to commemorate changes in season as well as special events.

Here’s a look into some of the stickers they have rolled out in 2017 and how brands can use them in their influencer marketing strategies.

Seasonal Stickers

In April this year, they offered stickers to celebrate the coming of spring and to commemorate Easter and the Jewish passover at the same time.These were replaced with summer stickers when summer came around in June. And have since been replaced with fall stickers as appropriate for the season.

Here’s a look at the stickers they introduced for winter last year. A special candy cane pen was also made available for the holiday season.

What Brands Can Do

While there are certainly a variety of way in which these stickers can be used, they are most appropriate for brands that make changes to their products by the season. If your brand is in the fashion industry, for an example, these stickers are perfect for introducing the new season’s line-up, or for announcing a sale of last season’s clothing.

Location-Specific Stickers

Thus far, Instagram has released geo-located stickers for New York City, Jakarta and São Paulo. So if you are in the city and are using Instagram Stories, those are definitely something to check out.

What Brands Can Do

As geo-located stickers are currently only available in the lucky few cities mentioned above, these tags are naturally most relevant to brands who are located in those cities, or those who are thinking of expanding or of setting up pop-up stores in those cities. Brands should consider using these stickers when they are holding a special event, to remind their followers about where the event is taking place.

Brands who are located in cities without geo-located stickers, however, can still choose to use the location sticker to identify their location.

Occasion-Specific Stickers

Instagram also has a knack for creating stickers for special occasions. Some of them are unabashedly North American-centric, such as those for the 4th of July, Canada Day and the most recent ones for Thanksgiving. They do, however, also offer stickers specific to occasions celebrated by users who are not North American, such as cherry blossom season (which also coincides with graduation) in Japan and Korea. To show their support for LGBTQ+, they also introduced stickers and a rainbow pen to celebrate Pride 2017.

Of course, let us not forget their stickers in commemoration of the eclipse. 

What Brands Can Do

While these stickers are most helpful to brands whose products are likely to experience a higher volume of sales during this event, brands who want to show their support or who wish to show that they are in touch with the goings-on on social media can also choose to post a story with such stickers.

Stickers add a fun and interactive element to your brand’s Instagram Stories. Make sure to include them in your next social media marketing campaign!

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