3 Real World Influences Of The Game Of Thrones

In their 8th and last year running, Game of Thrones has amassed a huge following of ‘Thronees’ or perhaps even white walkers, of a staggering number of 9.8 million. It has even achieved a high engagement rate of 10.14% (the American average at the 1 million++ followers is 3.61%). If this is not testament of GOT’s influence, here are 3 more huge influences this fantasy-ridden drama brought to the real world, using Popular Chips to exemplify these points.


In light of the finale season, various brands from different industries collaborated with the Game of Thrones franchise. From make-up to the food industry, you name it, they are collaborating with GOT. Here are just a few:

Johnny Walker – White Walker

Un-chilled vs. Chilled White Walker

Johnny walker collaborated with GOT and released a limited edition White Walker Whiskey that one can drink frozen. This intrigued many from both the GOT and whiskey fandom to get this whiskey.

Top posts with #JohnnyWalker on Instagram via Popular Chips

In fact, top posts with #JohnnyWalker (apart from the wrestler with the same name) are posts with the White Walker whiskey, indicating that this limited edition whiskey is indeed popular with the public.

Urban Decay -Game of Thrones Collection

Popular Chip’s analysis on Urban Decay Cosmetics’ top performing posts in the last 3 months

Urban Decay Cosmetics has also collaborated with GOT, releasing a whole collection of make up items from lipsticks, eyeliners to eye shadows. This again, was met with great popularity, with many of Urban Decay Cosmetics’ top posts from the last 3 months coming from their Game of Thrones collection in the above.


Maester-ful cinematography by GOT camera crew brought out the beauty in locations where the drama was filmed and this brought many GOT fans to these places. One example is Dubrovnik in Croatia, which has become the capital of the 7 kingdoms. Authorities saw such high increases in tourists that they now must turn away some during peak season.

Instagram stories tagged #Dubrovnik and #GameofThrones, sieved by Popular Chips

To exemplify this, I used Popular Chips to analyse the most recent instagram stories that included #Dubrovnik and #GameofThrones and found many posts showing the correlation of GOT induced tourism in Dubrovnik, with at least 5 unique stories when I did the analysis (8th May 2019).


The drama has rekindled the flame of folklore and history in many hearts with their almost realistic dragons. However, GOT went beyond to ignite the spirit of giving through their many collaborations with medical societies including blood drives for the American Red Cross :

and fundraising by Omaze for the Royal College of nursing:

GOT’s top performing posts with top hashtags #GameOfThrones and #ForTheThrone by Popular Chips

Moreover, the marketing drives are a success as top performing posts by the account included the posts related to either of the associations listed above. Moreover, #BleedForTheThrone has increasingly become more and more popular.

I hope this article has been useful in showing evidence of the influential capability of Game of Thrones not just in the televised world, but also to the world we live in.

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