3-pic or 4-pic grid? Visual artists are freaking out for the new IG update

Can you recall one of those incredibly neat Instagram accounts where each 3-pic row is perfectly aligned with an unique style and message?

For example the amazing Reynolds Kitchens account, where each picture is interconnected with the ones beside and above it.

Or the photographer Ng Weijiang who creates fantastic compositions with black & white photographs

Or even brands like G&C Paris that made great use of the 3-pic Instagram grid to showcase product and statements.

Well, according to the general “freaking out” that you can feel in every Instagram community in the world, it looks like the 3-pic grid will soon be replaced by a 4-pic grid by Instagram, effectively destroying all the past alignments and styles.

Many screenshots have circulated in the past few days showing disrupted gridworks by concerned Instagrammers.

There’s still no official announcement from Instagram and many voices are rising to ask IG not to roll-out the update… so we can just wait and see how this evolves.

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