3 Party Games with a Little Social Media Twist

Holding a party in the upcoming holiday season? Can’t decide whether you want to go technology free and stick with the traditional board or card game, or to entertain your guests with game consoles? Well, you don’t have to now.

Here are 3 table-top party games that let people make use of their smartphones, their network on social media or their knowledge of social media to entertain each other.

I. Social Sabotage

Buzzfeed’s new game operates on the idea that most Instagram users have perfectly curated feeds, and an online image which they would do anything to preserve.


The game involves two sets of cards: the first provides players with a person, a platform or social media network (‘where’ cards) and the second provides an action that has to be performed or a message that has to be sent (‘what’ cards).

Would you do it? ? #socialsabotage

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Players take turns to challenge each other with a combination of ‘where’ and ‘what’ cards, and the individual who manages to complete the greatest number of challenges and collect the most cards wins.

A Look on Social Media

Of course, a game that makes use of social media leaves traces of itself on various platforms.

Here’s an example of an individual who posted an explanation after the game, to ensure that her followers did not think her mad. Unfortunately, we were not able to find traces of the original photographs posted while @powerofsoul was playing the game.


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Here’s @itsjustalmar doing a chicken dance.

Our quick search on Instagram seems to suggest that most of the individuals who have played the game (and have not deleted their posts) are regular individuals using Instagram for personal purposes. This makes us wonder if influencers or celebrities would take part in such a game, since it is these individuals who have the most well-curated accounts.

While some of us may get a good laugh out of this game, it has also been criticized for providing players with an easy way to harass others, especially since some of the ‘where’ cards direct players to send messages to specific individuals who may not want to be a part of the game. If you do choose to play the game then, our advice is to be prudent with how “courageous” you are. If the person on the other end is likely to feel insulted (rather than just confused or amused), it’s best not to continue with the action.

II. Game of Phones

Is everyone at the party spending way too much time on their phones? Do you want to tell them to keep their phones, but are afraid of how awkward that might turn out to be? Well, here’s an alternative solution: invite them to play a game using their phones as a resource.


Players in the group take turns to pick a card. The person who picks the card is also judge of that round. Each card has a directive and all players have 60 seconds to do something that matches the directive in the most interesting way possible. Of course, all of these directives, from finding an embarrassing photograph to video-calling anyone on your contacts, involve using one’s phone in some way.

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