3 Instagram Marketing Tips From Timberland

The Irresistible Yellow Boots

Founded in 1952, Timberland and its iconic yellow boots have since become a style icon all over the world. The humble boots took off in the nineties as a style icon when US hip-hop artists paired them perfectly with their style. Today, the fashion staple is seen on Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell and Rihanna. Its appeal goes beyond just the hip-hop community, the Original Yellow Boots are a must have for NBA superstar Allen Iverson and even supermodel Cara Delevingne.


For the all time favorite Original Yellow Boots, they have stayed true to its original design all these years, from the iconic wheat color to the hex-shaped brass eyelets, Taslan laces and enduring quality. Fans all around the world can be seen in the boots as Timberland reaches audience from Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. With over 240 retail stores worldwide and ecommerce available in 17 countries, Timberland has an equally impressive social media presence as well.

Today, we’ll be sharing more about Timberland’s Instagram marketing strategy and how the yellow boots company succeed in this digital generation!



About @Timberland

Not only does it have a whopping 1.6 million followers, the official hashtag #Timberland has over 2 million posts on Instagram, they’ve definitely got quite a huge fan base on social media! With a little help from the Popular Chips platform, we are able to dive deeper to understand more about the account on Instagram and here are some facts you didn’t know!

Statistics from Popular Chips

As a brand of long history all over the world, Timberland has fans all around the world following its Instagram account. In particular, the top three countries are United States, Brazil and Mexico. The iconic yellow boots company also attracts a good mix of both females (41%) and male (38%) followers.

With the recent spotlight on fake/inactive followers, one may expect a huge brand account like Timberland to have a large percentage but statistics have shown that there is only around 14% of such accounts. In fact, Timberland’s account is performing better than many influencers of the same follower size!


Tip 1: User generated content is GOLD

In this visual generation, visual content have the largest appeal and are the easiest to consume on social media. With its huge range of “Instagrammable” footwear, what’s a better way for Timberland to generate content than having consumers/ users themselves take picture of their favorite boots and talk about them on Instagram?

That’s exactly what Timberland is doing.

Timberland encourages followers (or everyone on Instagram) to post and talk about their footwear with the hashtag #Timberland, of which the people behind Timberland would actively seek out and repost the best shots on their official account. With that, Timberland is able to leverage on the massive 2 million posting on Instagram to curate the best insta shots for its feed.

With the help of all the fans on Instagram, Timberland has access to millions of creative shots of their footwear that would have other wise been impossible to create. This user-generated content strategy has proven to be a huge hit as some of their top liked posts of just the last quarter are shot by fans themselves (below!).


Tip 2: Strike a conversation, build a relationship

The beauty of social media is the ability to engage two way conversation, a key factor of success for influencers and even more so for brands. Many brands are definitely trying to do so by replying to users’ comments but Timberland account is taking things a little further with these witty responses!


Tip 3: Innovate and create a different shopping experience

As many of us wait in anticipation for the upcoming shoppable post feature on Instagram, Timberland has already taken things ahead with Insta Shop on their site. Their link in bio “Shop our Insta” directs users to the official Timberland site with a layout similar to that of an Instagram account feed with the only difference being that users can shop the products shown in these posts.

How cool is this when visitors can shop the inspirations as they scroll through the curated feed? All these inspirations come from Instagram users all over the world who styled their favorite Timberland footwear and posted online with the official hashtags. The Timberland account then seeks out these posts and asked for their permission to use these photos for their marketing purposes on site!

We are really impressed with Timberland’s Instagram marketing strategy and they have provided us with several tips that are increasingly essential for success in this digital visual generation. Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you too!

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