3 Fun Ways to use Lnk.Bio’s Newest “Add Image” Feature

Upload an image for every link you have on Lnk.Bio

You get an image! You get an image! Everybody gets an image!

In true Oprah fashion, we present you with the latest update from Lnk.Bioyou can now upload an image for every link you have!

This exciting new feature, which has just been introduced today, is available to everyone on Lnk.Bio, whether you’re using the free or any one of the paid versions! It’s only been a few hours but some of us at the office are already geeking out over the enhancement in aesthetics we’ve seen on our private accounts.

We’ve put together a list of 3 simple ways you can use this function to beautify your Lnk.Bio profile and here they are!

1. An Image for Every Platform

(Image as seen on a phone, taken as a screenshot from a demo account)

Tired of seeing a whole bunch of lists on your profile? Want to add a personal touch to each of these links? Now you can! With this new update, you can attach a picture to each of your links and make the thumbnail a visual representation of what to expect at the other end of the click.

This makes the link more appealing and if your plain words weren’t enough to entice the audience, they would surely be more willing to click on your beautiful dog to visit your pet page.

2. An Image for Every Product

(Image as seen on a phone, taken as a screenshot from a demo account)

Instead of just having a hundred links of all the products that you have to offer for sale, you can now adorn your page with corresponding pictures to match the product!

Now everyone can see the beautiful products you have to offer without clicking and visiting each individual link. This works like a virtual gallery of products for sale and gives your audience a preview of what they could consider purchasing.

3. An Image for Every Dish

(Image as seen on a phone, taken as a screenshot from a demo account)

So here’s what’s up – many of you out there are food bloggers. Whether it’s Mukbang, or your own homecooking channel, the best way to whet your audience’s appetite would be to show them how delicious it looks!

You can now entice them into watching your Mukbangs or trying out your recipes by giving them a little taste (no pun intended) of what’s to come.

These are only a few ideas we’ve come up with for you today but really, the possibilities are endless! Express your creativity and show the world how it’s done with this new feature on Lnk.Bio right now!

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