3 BIG Influencer Marketing Strategies To Learn From Zaful

Zaful is an Insta-brand that mainly sells fashionable women’s clothing at extremely affordable prices. The online retailer is characterised by its perpetual huge discounts, markdowns and flash sales on very fashionable pieces that sell at prices less than half the market listing.

As it sells pretty mainstream fashion pieces, it pivots its sales on social media, where they have huge followings (4.3million on Instagram, 101k on Twitter). Using these 3 marketing strategies, Zaful is able to continue selling affordable yet made-popular clothing items that millennials and Gen-Zs just can’t resist.

So what are their 3 biggest marketing strategies?


We know influencers are an integral part of a brand’s (especially Insta-brands) marketing strategies and Zaful, being an Insta-brand, often engages in influencer marketing. What is special about Zaful however, is that it heavily promotes via Nano(1k-10k followers) influencers. Take a look at the below:

  1. @Caitlinelizaxo (7,264 followers)
  2. @kristinn_marino (4,642 followers)
  3. @Yarden_suissa (4,837 followers)

Some things that the 3 nano-influencers have in common are:

1. Very curated Instagram accounts

Minimal and neutral aesthetic like @kristinn_marino:

@kristinn_marino’s top posts, provided by Popular Chips

Beach-chill aesthetic like @yarden_suissa:

@yarden_suissa’s top posts, provided by Popular Chips

A pastel-filtered and Bright themed account like @caitlinelizaxo:

@caitlinelizaxo’s top posts, provided by Popular Chips

Each of these accounts matches up to differing product offering by Zaful (for work, swimwear and pastel/colourful wear) and are perfect for each of their specialised fields.

2. Highest engagement rates

Nano-influencers in general, have higher engagement than any other type of influencers because they cater to specific audiences who share the same vibes/interest in particular subjects or aesthetics. Thus its easier to attain likes and comments since these influencers hit exactly at the centre of the target.

Average engagement rates in the USA by influencer tier, provided by Popular Chips
Average engagement by American nano-influencers engaged by Zaful, provided by Popular Chips

While influencers in the tier <100k followers garner the highest percentage of engagement relative to the rest (of 4.35%), @kristinn_marino brings in a whopping 18.50% while @caitlinelizaxo also proves higher than average with 4.38%. Higher engagement rates often bring higher conversions, which is why Zaful is a forerunner in the online retail industry.

3. Localised target audience

Nano-influencers tend to have a higher percentage of followers from their country of origin. Check out the same 3 influencers from the above:

Top demographics for @caitlinelizaxo, provided by Popular Chips
Top demographics for @kristinn_marino, provided by Popular Chips
Top demographics for @yarden_suissa, provided by Popular Chips

With more than 50% of their followers from their home country, each of these influencers are perfect for local campaigns/boosting brand awareness in their home country so Zaful can target specific groups of consumers for specific products.

@yarden_suissa, for example, is engaged by Zaful to promote swimwear. As nearly 56% of her audience is from Israel (more than the national average of 54% for nano-influencers in Israel), a country that boasts 100km of sandy Mediterranean coastline and stunningly beautiful beaches, she is a perfect choice for this summer campaign.

Great use of Instagram Ads

We all know the endless opportunities with Instagram advertisements. Zaful is a brand that has made wise investments on targetting their desired customers based on product affinity and as a result, are efficient at retaining customer’s attention using Instagram ads. I did an experiment where I simply liked one of Zaful account’s recent swimwear post and here are the results:

As you might see, right after liking the photo, upon refreshing the page, I saw a sponsored post by Zaful on only the 2nd post I swiped. What’s so cool is that the advertisement is tailored specifically to swimwear, in line with the original picture that I liked:

It is especially interesting that Zaful’s advertisement was also on the top because it then amplified my interest by reminding me that I liked a recent photo the brand posted. This creates a round of retention and had I liked the sponsored post, I would create a 2nd round of amplification and creating more leads for Zaful to make more promotions as you scroll. The repetitive call to action will eventually cause consumers (especially gen Zs) to click on Zaful’s account and even website, which is a success for Zaful.

Sustaining Engagement

Being a huge retailer with nearly 4.3 million followers, engagement becomes a big issue otherwise they would soon find high follower turnover rates. What are some of the ways it’s trying to keep its engagement?

1. Adorable animals

We know from a previous article that pets boost engagement rates for any kind of accounts. Well, here we see the successful reposting of these animal videos to help keep Zaful’s Instagram page alive. Just take a look at the top posts by Zaful in the last 3 months:

@zaful’s Top 8 posts within the last 3 months, provided by Popular Chips

4 of the top 8 posts by Zaful are pet related, with the top post being a video of a golden retriever sleeping with its friend, a cat (🥰🥰).

2. Giveaways

View this post on Instagram

💗4 Million Giveaway💗 ZAFUL is almost 5 years old, and we are so happy and thankful for the 4 million fans. Every single one of you is special and precious for us. We love you no matter what your skin colors or body types are. #ThanksforYourLove Words can’t say anything, so there is a new giveaway. 🌟Follow @ZAFUL 🌟Like the post 🌟Tag one friend below and say anything to us if you love ZAFUL ——- We will select 4 winners to giveaway $100 Gift Card to you and the friend you tagged. Multiple entries allowed by tagging different friends, so make sure you do 3 steps. Winner will be announced on 17th May (Friday). Luv u 4ever.😘 ——- Pic by @mollymcleanx #ZAFUL #ZAFUL4million #giveawy

A post shared by ZAFUL.com (@zaful) on

View this post on Instagram

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And most recently:

View this post on Instagram

👯WIN WIN WIN👯 Block his number, enjoy summer with your girls. 😏Are you in a holiday or planning a girls trip. Share your amazing #GrilsTrip pics or plan to win $600 gift cards. Follow 3 easy steps: 🌟1.Follow @ZAFUL 🌟2.Like this post 🌟3.Share your #ZFGirlsTrip pics/vids and tag @ZAFUL If you are still planning it: 🌟4.Comment your plan and Tag 3 friends below ——- We will select 3 winners to giveaway $100 Gift Card to you and the friend you tagged. Multiple entries allowed by tagging different friends, so make sure you do 3 steps(1,2,3 or 1,2,4). Of course if you do 4 steps will double your chance to win. 👀Winners will be announced on July 17th. Luv u 4ever.😘 ——- #ZAFUL #SummerGiveaway #GirlsTrip #win #giveaway #summer

A post shared by ZAFUL.com (@zaful) on

Again, the nature of giveaways requires followers to like and comment/follow account/tag specific hashtags with the main aim of creating buzz, a great way to engage your loyal fans and reward them for doing so.

With these big 3 strategies, Zaful now earns nearly USD$180 million in net sales, a number that many other online retailers dream to achieve one day and is projecting to double profits in 2019 😮😮.

What did you think of Zaful’s marketing strategies, think it’s worth a try for you?

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