January 2019

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  • 8 Twin Influencers with high Engagement Rates!

    Did you know that 3 in every 1000 childbirth worldwide are monozygotic(identical) twins? However, in the influencer world, there may be far lesser twin influencers. Fred not, I have got you covered. Today, I’m gonna share with you 8 Twin influencers with really impressive engagement rates. You can thank me later 🙂 @zakartwins (84.5K Followers) – […]

  • The Instagram Effect on FOOD

    We hope you enjoyed our previous article on The Instagram Effect on Travel! Today, we will be exploring its effects on FOOD! Don’t we all love eating? But won’t the food taste so much better if it was Instagram worthy? Do you share these thoughts? Well, its not surprising given how vastly Instagram has affected […]

  • The Instagram Effect on TRAVEL

    One social media app that all young people cannot live without is the photo sharing app known to us as – Instagram. Instagram has created an easy platform to share photos – and not just your day-to-day photos, but your best photos. Pictures posted on Instagram seem to require a minimum standard before it can […]

  • Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Russia

    While the 21st FIFA World Cup fever was long gone, the beauty of Russia still lingers on our social media platforms. Most people may not be familiar with most beauty gurus in Russia due to language barrier, makeup has no boundary. Therefore, I have compiled the Top 10 beauty influencers in Russia to kickstart your […]

  • You Can Now Share Your Favourite Netflix Show On Instagram Stories

    Netflix now let you share what you’re binge-watching on Instagram Stories, bringing your addiction to the next level. To do this, Select the program or movie that you like and tap the “share.” button. 2. Select “Instagram Stories” from the list of compatible apps that show up. 3. You can customize by adding text on the artwork […]

  • #10yearchallenge: Beauty Influencer edition

    I am sure most of your Instagram feeds are flooded with #10yearchallenge from friends, family and celebrities. Now, let me show you the #10yearchallenge done by 10 beauty influencers. @jaclynhill (6.2M Followers)   View this post on Instagram   10 years ago I was 18 years old, working as a MAC freelance artist, dealing with […]

  • Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Sweden

    Happy Monday! Today, we’ll be starting the week with the Top Beauty Influencers in Sweden. Let’s go! Linn Ahlborg The Swedish blogger and Youtube personality owns one of Sweden’s largest blog and YouTube channel. With a local following of 55.72%, her content features a mix of lifestyle and fashion, with some emphasis on her personal […]

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    Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Thailand

    Sawadeekap~ When we think of Thailand, we think of Thai milktea, mango sticky rice, spicy sour soup, coconut ice-creams…all the DELICIOUS food! Let’s not forget about the rich culture and friendly people, beautiful landscapes it has to offer as well. No wonder Bangkok is the most visited city (20 million visitors a year) in the […]

  • 8 Plant-Influencers You Have To Know!!!

    Instagram is a place for everyone. For me, for you, for our pets and of course, plants as well. With Millennials advocating for sustainability and being pro-green, there has been a hunger for contents about nature and living with greens. Today, I will run through with you some of my favourite plant influencers on Instagram. @haarkon_ (216K […]

  • How Youtube Gets You Hooked?

    Mobile viewers now account for approximately 70% of YouTube’s traffic — so it makes sense for Youtube to update its mobile app for easy navigation through videos. This week, Google shared that Youtube will be rolling out a new feature on iOS, known to employees by its internal name “swipey watch”. According to the design team, the seemingly […]

  • Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Spain

    Today, we will be looking at the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Spain! Let’s go! Anita Matamorus With a very high local following of 74.41%, the young 18-year-old fashion and beauty influencer has developed a broad base of followers from her social media network. View this post on Instagram SORTEO🥳💝 Podrán afirmarlo quien los tenga, […]