December 2018

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  • A Guide to Tricking Instagram’s Algorithm

    Ever since Instagram rolled out their algorithm based feed in March 2016, businesses have been fighting to stay as viewing priority on Instagram’s feed to get the attention of their followers and remain of relevance. Gone were the days where we are able to view posts in chronological order; in its place, we are left […]

  • Top 5 Virtual Influencers Also Known As CGI Influencers On Instagram

    Influencers are a dime a dozen, but there’s a growing group of Instagram influencers who aren’t real at all – they’re computer-generated. According to Vogue, it is not the first time Virtual Reality and fashion have collided. It has been over a decade since Alexander McQueen reintroduced a scandalised Kate Moss back into the fashion industry via a hologram […]

  • Instagram Comments: How to Filter or Block Insulting, Racist and Bullying Comments

    Like any social media website, Instagram has also been used as a tool for cyber-bullying. Now, Instagram has three options to counter these problems as much as possible. Firstly, Instagram allows you to limit commenting to a certain group of Instagram accounts. Secondly, you can block commenting from certain users and lastly, the app can […]

  • 10 Insta-Worthy Winter Places Around The World

    It’s the best time of the year to populate your Instagram feed with your winter pics! Pack your bags during this winter break to the following places – and I guarantee that you will take at least 1 (if not 1000) Insta-worthy photos!   View this post on Instagram   Have a great Monday everyone ⛄️❄️ […]

  • Instagram stories vs. Snapchat stories

    No one can deny that videos produce a stronger engagement than pictures. Videos speak life, character and memories. With that said, it’s amazing how these social media sites can get so creative with their video features. A lifespan of 24 hours, video stories started with snapchat, was later adopted by Instagram, followed by WhatsApp and […]

  • New Ways To Interact On Instagram: Music, Question And Countdown Stickers

    On 18th Dec, Instagram released a news to announce their latest update – Music in Stories. Starting today, you can now use the questions sticker for music recommendations in Stories or to connect in the moment with people you follow on Live. A new Countdown sticker in Stories also let you count down to exciting […]

  • Instagram Hacks for E-commerce

    As of June 2018, it was announced that Instagram officially has 1 billion active users per month, worldwide. With this number steadily increasing everyday, the active social site has also developed into a useful e-commerce platform. Instagram has welcomed advertising with targeted campaign functions at like-minded viewers with specific interests and brands are embracing these […]

  • New: Benchmarks available for Weibo Influencers

    Now, benchmarks for Weibo Influencers will be available on the popular chips platform. Before you begin, switch to Weibo platform on popular chips by clicking on the top-left “go-to” button. To access benchmarks, click on the news icon in the top-left corner. Finally, click on Benchmarks to switch tab to view all the data you […]

  • Influencer Fraud?

    You’ve probably heard about brands engaging famous influencers to advertise their product, only to discover that they’ve spent all that money engaging a population of robots. With that in mind, there are many influencers who engage in such behaviour by using subtler means to get away with it. Lucky for you, here are some simple tips […]

  • Updated: Biography Search Now Supports Emojis

    Now, aside from being able to search for Influencers using the Emoji Search under the “Listen” function, you can now search for influencers based on keyword or a particular emoji that they included in their Instagram Biography. This is done under the “Filter By Biography Keyword” function.  

  • Instagram Adds Voice Messages And Video Calls To Your DMs.

    Instagram rolled out “walkie-talkie” feature globally this week, and video call to its Direct Messaging tool, similar to the one its parent company Facebook, and fellow Whatsapp adapted to. Looks like you can now slide into someone’s DM with voice messages.  Instagram is a little slow in the game with voice messaging and video call features, […]