November 2018

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  • 10 Nano-Influencers In Europe That You Need To Follow

    There are two types of nano influencers in my opinion. The first type is the one who has no intention to build a career as an influencer, they just happen to be the “popular” one in their community. They would still take your offer if they like your brand. While the second type is the […]

  • Update: Campaign Update Status

    The UPDATING label will be displayed when changes are made into an existing Live/Campaign report. The UPDATING status will be displayed under PERIOD in the Live/Campaign lists. Note: You are still able to access and read the report while it is updating.   Once inside, you will also see an orange refresh icon on top of […]

  • Updated: Ability To Select APAC Region In Search Engine

    You can now select ‘APAC’ as the country in the Search engine, instead of adding the country one by one. The APAC region covers countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India and South East Asia. To access the function, please follow the steps below: Go to “Seach” Click on “Demographic” Go to […]

  • MorpheXJamesCharles: A Look At The Brand’s Most Successful Product Launch

      If you watch tons of makeup tutorials on Youtube, you must be familiar with the beauty guru who always starts his video with “Hi Sisters!”. Yes you guessed it right, it’s James Charles! This 19 years old beauty influencer has just launched a collection with Morphe Brushes last week.   View this post on […]

  • Nano influencers: Are they really that good?

    There are different types of influencers online, differentiated by the different contents they put out or the number of followers they have. The easiest way to differentiate them would be by their followings. Micro and Macro influencers may be differently defined in every country based on each country’s population size. Usually, Micro-Influencers are classified as Influencers with […]

  • This ‘Cleaning Mad’ Influencer Makes Cleaning Products Flying Off The Shelves For Weeks!

    ‘Hinching’ ‘Hinching’ is a recent addition to the lexicon of a language and it’s a verb which means buying cleaning products, or cleaning.   View this post on Instagram   To my Hinchers .. all one million of you 😱 I wouldn’t be here without you! I can’t quite believe what’s happened over the last […]

  • Top 10 Chinese Influencers on Weibo (Part II)

    Last week, we covered 5 of the Top 10 Most Followed Chinese Influencers on Weibo, if you have not read the article yet, click here. Now, let’s see who else is in the Weibo’s Top 10 Chinese Influencers list! 6. 赵薇 (Zhao Wei) Zhao Wei is a well known Chinese actress, producer, and singer. With more […]

  • Updated: Filter Results In Listen Report By Mentions

    You can now further filter the results in listen report by mentions. To access this information, follow the steps below: Go To “Listen” Click on “Create” Locate the Filter By Mentions on the bottom right Type in all the Instagram handles that you want to filter, separated by a comma. Click on “Create”     […]

  • Updated: Ability to select dates backwards on calendar

    It is now possible to select dates on calendar backwards. Meaning, you are able to select from the end date to the start date. This applies to all calendar selections within the Popular Chips platform. All you have to do is to select two dates and Popular Chips will automatically aggregate the data within the two dates […]

  • Inside the Campaign: #FamousStar, Carl’s Junior

    Unveil With Popular Chips: #FamousStar, Carl’s Junior What: In hopes of reaching younger consumers and growing their social media presence, my favourite fast food chain Carl’s Jr teamed up with Celeste Barber, Ashlee Simpson Ross and many micro influencers for their new campaign “Famous Stars”. The Famous Star burger has been around for as long as I remember. This beef […]

  • The Biggest Influencer Marketing Campaign Ever: 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    This year, Victoria’s Secret invited 60 beautiful models to walk the runway, showcasing the new collection. The world’s biggest fashion event took place on November 8 in New York City, and will be aired by American TV network ABC on Sunday, December 2 and broadcast in more than 190 countries.   View this post on Instagram   […]