September 2018

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  • Instagram highlights of #NYFW

    Fashion weeks have always been the highlight of the fashion industry each year. There are 4 major Fashion weeks in a year, New York fashion week, London fashion week, Milan fashion week and Paris fashion week. Side note, China had their own fashion week recently in Shanghai. The New York fashion week is a highly raved […]

  • Inside Chiara Ferragni’s #Sponsored Wedding

    A wedding can be expensive, but one of the perks of being an influencer is that you can cut out the cost by getting brands to sponsor your wedding. Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashion influencer, got sponsored by an airline company and luxury brands for her wedding day. Chiara Ferragni, who started her blog The […]

  • The art of Influencer marketing: Building long-term relationships

    When brands engage influencers in their marketing campaigns, they are often more inclined to work with new influencers on a one-time basis. However, do you know that influencer campaigns will be a lot more effective when you are working with individual influencers on a long-term basis? I believe that relationships between brands and influencers should […]

  • The Rise of Furry Influencers On Social Media

    Social media influencer is a very competitive job. Not only human influencer has to compete against each other and robots for brand deals, but now they also have to compete with pets. Yes, you read it right, pets. Over the years, more and more brands have shown interest in working with pet influencers to promote […]

  • *British Secret Agent’s Instagram Account revealed!* Johnny English 3: Strikes Again!

    After 7 years of long wait, we finally have another chance to catch Johnny English aka Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson on the big screen in October! It is a PG movie so everyone can go enjoy it. Just like the previous Johnny English movies, the second sequel will continue to bring us adrenaline rush and laughter. In […]

  • Why is my Instagram campaign not performing well?

    As marketers, many of you may have this question when the digital campaign you run did not get the result you expected. You hired a bunch of expensive influencers thinking that with more money spent, there will be a better result. However, the paid posts did not gather the likes and comments like how the influencers’ usual posts would. The sales of your […]

  • The Cast of AHS Season 8 on Instagram

    American Horror Story season 8 is set to return in the second half of this year! If you’re not already familiar with this amazing anthology series, American Horror Story (AHS) presents its viewers with a different horror theme every season. In 2017, AHS concluded its spine chilling story of “Cult” and in this coming season, […]

  • The New Bizarre Instagram Beauty Trend: #INSTACEPTION

    After all the different types of eyebrow trends such as wavy eyebrow and McDonald’s eyebrow, here’s the newest member of the bizarre beauty trends, Instaception. The trend started when Dominic (@dom.skii), an Australian makeup artist, who posted a picture of himself with a makeup look that was later known as the “Instaception”. He captioned his photo […]