March 2018

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  • Celebrities #MarchForOurLives on Instagram

    March For Our Lives, a protest for greater gun control in the United States led by students, has seen the support of many celebrities, who showed their advocacy for the cause not just through social media channels but also by turning up either at the main event in Washington D.C. or to one of the […]

  • Are Consumers Following Your Influencer?

    The target audience of any influencer marketing campaign is the influencers’ followers. These are the consumers that brands wish to reach out to and to have purchase their products or services. So how many of your influencers’ followers are actually consumers? How many of them are other influencers, who are likely to have consumption patterns […]

  • New: Find Out About Your Influencers’ Followers

    You can now see the percentage of your influencers’ followers who are likely to be consumers. To do so, please follow the instructions below: Go to ‘My Influencers‘. Click on the influencer whose followers’ information you wish to view. Click ‘Follower Activity’ located under the summary of the influencer’s metrics. You should see a small […]

  • Instagram Prioritizes Newer Posts Once More

    Instagram’s most recent update has made some changes to the way our feeds appear. Users, brands and influencers alike, will be glad to know that newer posts are now more likely to appear on top. Given that non-chronological post order, which can greatly affect engagement, has been one of users’ biggest gripes on Instagram, this […]

  • Add Hashtags and Mentions to Your Instagram Bio

    Instagram announced yesterday that they are now allowing users to add hashtags and mentions to their Instagram bio. According to the social media company, this new feature allows users to “express [themselves] and the things [they] care about”. There appears to be no limit to the number of hashtags or mentions that can be added, […]

  • New: Aggregate Influencer Posts Automatically in Live Reports

    When creating a live report, there is now no need to enter the individual URLs of each influencer’s post. Our system will aggregate the posts automatically on your behalf. To access this feature, follow the steps below: Go to ‘Live‘. Click . Under the section header ‘Posts’, click . Fill in the relevant fields with the campaign […]

  • Instagram Introduces Shoppable Posts in 8 New Countries

    If you live in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom, you can now shop from selected retailers directly via the Instagram app. In the same way that users can tap on a photo to see the other accounts that have been tagged, users can now also tap on a photo […]

  • Top 5 Most Popular Football Clubs

    Some people like to watch basketball while others may like to watch rugby but the fact is that football is the most popular sport in the world. 111.3 million people watched the 2017 Super Bowl and 66 million people watched the 2011 Cricket World Cup, but nothing comes close to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which […]

  • Is this the Slow and Steady Demise of Snapchat?

    Snapchat’s stock has plunged again with the social media company’s latest mistake. On Thursday last week, CNN reported a drop of 4% in Snapchat’s stock after it ran an ad promoting an app called “Would You Rather?” with the following image: Is it just me, or is this ad that popped up on my Snapchat […]

  • Pay with your likes and followers?!

    Yep, you heard it right! Just over a week ago, OWNDAYS announced its Follower Discount Campaign in Singapore where you could receive a discount on any pair of OWNDAYS glasses based on your number of followers and likes. OWNDAYS is an optical shop established in Japan that prides itself on its trendy collection of frames and […]

  • The 5-Step Guide to Spotting an Influencer with Fake Followers: Step 5

    We have reached the final step in our guide to spotting an influencer with fake followers! Today, we will be teaching you how to identify one such influencer by looking at the percentage of the influencer’s inactive followers. Then, we will provide you with a summary of all five points covered in the past five […]