January 2018

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  • Have a Business Instagram Account? You Can Now Schedule Your Posts.

    Are you a business that has been using third-party software to schedule your posts on social media? Good news, you can now do this for Instagram as well! In a blog post aimed at developers, Facebook yesterday announced several new changes to their API, the biggest of which allows business accounts on Instagram to schedule […]

  • How MICRO-influencers in Singapore Collaborate with MEGA-brands!

    Ever wondered how micro-influencers like Beatrice Lee, Valerie Cheong and Farisha Ishak land contracts with mega brands like SK-II, Adidas and Kiehl’s respectively? Many people find it puzzling when they find out that luxurious brands are collaborating with these influencers when said influencers have comparatively fewer fans than more famous names such as @xiaxue, @dreachong and @naomineo_. […]

  • New: Track IG Stories in Live Campaign

    It is now possible to track not just Instagram posts but Stories in your live campaign report. A new tab will be created for IG stories and will appear in your live report. In addition, a new graph for the share of voice of influencers for IG stories will also appear under the Share of […]

  • New: Interests BETA–Fitness & Travel Now Available

    The search by interest function that is currently in beta has now been expanded to include two other categories: fitness and travel. To activate these two interests, please contact your dedicated account manager with your brand’s account username. After the activation, you should find the “Interest” section of the search engine updated to include the […]

  • New: Add Notes About Influencer Under Manage

    It is now possible for you to add notes about the influencer(s) you are collaborating with under ‘Manage’. To do so, follow the steps below: Go to ‘Manage‘. Click on . Click the  icon beside the details of the influencer for whom you wish to add notes. Click  again. Click on . To add a note, click . A pop-up […]

  • Top 10 Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts in 2017

    The first month of 2018 is almost over. Influencers and brands, have your accounts been growing in the new year? Let’s take a look at the top 10 fastest growing Instagram accounts* in the year 2017 and gain some inspiration from them. 10th: @sebastianyatra Growth: 524.88% Taking 10th place is Colombian singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra, who was […]

  • 3 Tips from Bullet Journals on Instagram

    Instagram has always been the social media platform known for its immaculately curated, aesthetically pleasing posts. In a previous article, we talked about how brands and influencers have been putting the 3-grid layout to good use. Today, let us look to Instagram accounts that dedicate themselves to bullet journaling for some more inspiration. Why Bullet […]

  • Tired of People Stealing Your Instagram Content? Rights Manager is Here!

    Content creators, have you found yourself looking at your own content on the screen, only to realize that the account wasn’t yours? That you never even gave the owner of that account your permission to post the content? That they didn’t give you any credit for what you produced? All this can be remedied now: […]

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    Was the #SGBudget2018 Campaign Effective? ? Let the Data Speak.

    The Ministry of Finance in Singapore has collaborated with a good number of influencers to promote Budget 2018, encouraging young Singaporeans to take part in the budgeting process. According to The Straits Times, an MOF spokesperson said that as many young Singaporeans get their information from the internet, it has decided to use a “mix […]

  • [Influencer Marketing in China] Part II: Live-Streaming

    Live-streaming, whose appeal lies in the immediacy and sense of authenticity created through the medium, has become a well-used method of communication by both influencers and brands to reach and connect with their audience. The social media platforms we are most familiar with–Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat–have all made live-streaming options available to its […]

  • Why Most Influencers Are Not ‘Influencers’

    I loved the movie ‘300’. It is easily on my top 10 list of favorite movies. The entire notion of fighting for freedom and believing in something greater than yourself simply moved me. You can even say it changed my outlook on life. Why am I even talking about ‘300’? Maybe because I found it […]