#2017in4words: the Inspiring, the Funny and the Sad

Twitter user @powerpufftag asked the Twitterverse to sum up 2017 in four words and hashtag it with (none other than) #2017in4words and this is what Twitter gave us.


Expectedly, many of these tweets were related to political issues, with US politics in particular being a hot topic. Those who still could not believe that Trump became their president took the opportunity to express their views.

There were also those who expressed their support for Trump and others who derided Hillary supporters.

Some bridged the Trump-Hillary divide by suggesting that Obama be made president again.

Social Issues

What with the many cases of sexual assault in the entertainment industry coming to light recently, many took the opportunity to express their anger against the perpetrators and support for the survivors.

Others summed up the many unfortunate shootings that occurred in the US during this period.


Aside from politics, many users also tweeted about entertainment and their favorite celebrities.

Ariana Grande


Naturally, the fans of social media’s most influential artist speak again. Now that BTS also has going to the AMAs to add to their list of K-Pop firsts, their fans certainly have much to say about their success.

Who cares about rules?

As with every trend, some opportunistic accounts have simply used the hashtag in hopes that their content will go viral–in this case, without even attempting to stick to the format stipulated by the hashtag.


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