October 2017

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  • New And Upcoming Insta Stories Features

    Following the timely release of ‘Superzoom’ and Halloween creative tools just a few days ago, there appears to be more exciting features in the test – stop motion camera and mid-feed stories preview. In the recent times, Insta stories have already undergone several updates, bringing on board several creative features such as face filters and interactive […]

  • #metoo in the Influencer Space

    Trending on social media recently is #metoo, the hashtag actress and activist Alyssa Milano popularized in a tweet prompting users who have experienced sexual harassment or assault to disclose their experiences. Her intention was to use the power of social media to show the pervasiveness of the problem. If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted […]

  • The Million Dollar Industry – Influencer Marketing

    Recently, I came across an article written by Joel Contartese titled “What I’ve Learned From Spending $10 Million on Influencer Marketing” and it was definitely a good read! As someone experienced in the industry itself, he gave some really insightful comments for all brands who are already or intending to venture into the influencer marketing and I […]

  • Instagram’s Go Live With A Friend

    Two days ago, Instagram released its newest update, “Go Live With a Friend”. The social media platform is now providing its users with the option to live stream with any one of the users who is watching them live. Once added, the guest will share the screen (taking up the bottom half), until they choose […]

  • Guide to Measuring Effectiveness of an Influencer Marketing Campaign

    Following our Guide to Analyzing Follower Growth, which taught you to better understand influencer growth patterns, what sudden spikes and dips in follower numbers indicate, and how to identify fake followers, we bring you our brief Guide to Measuring Effectiveness of an Influencer Marketing Campaign. As with the previous guide, we will be using a combination […]

  • Future Marketing: Shoppable Videos

    Not too long ago, we shared about the future of Instagram marketing with the upcoming shoppable posts. As we wait in anticipation for the new feature, many of us would also be looking forward to future extension of shoppable feature to Instagram video or even story forms. Most of us are most probably very familiar with […]

  • What We Can Learn from Teens and Slime

    Taking the internet by storm last summer, slime accounts have since become an established part of Instagram, and to a smaller extent, YouTube. Searching #slime, #slimerecipe, #slimevideo or similar hashtags will give you so many results you may not even know where to begin. What is Slime? The most basic versions of slime are made from […]

  • #VISITSCOTLAND: Redesigning Travel Marketing

    With over 380k followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 3.49%, @VisitScotland is definitely working it right on its social media marketing game. It has the biggest tourism Instagram account in Europe and is a leading example of grasping the potential of user-generated content (UGC). Just yesterday, it has launched the The Instagram Travel Agency […]

  • Cross-Sharing of Instagram Stories to Facebook

    In August this year, Instagram began testing a feature that allows its users to share their Stories directly onto Facebook Stories. According to TechCrunch, it appears that this function officially made its way into Instagram earlier this month. Users are able to check an option under ‘Settings’ in Instagram that allows them to cross-share their posts […]

  • 3 Reasons Brands Should Use Live-Streaming

    Many social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, now give users the option to live-stream. Many brands, such as Buzzfeed and Dunkin’ Donuts, have also begun to use live-streaming in their marketing and promotional efforts. Why use live-streaming? To begin with, live-streaming is a form of video content. In comparison to text-based content, […]

  • The Yearly Viral Item From ZARA

    As of May 2017, Zara is number 51 on the Forbes list with a brand value of $11.3 billion. As one of the world’s top fashion retailer and being at the forefront of fast fashion, Zara’s apparels are now becoming an essential for every wardrobe. In fact, recently Zara has been coming up with pieces […]