September 2017

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  • Micro Influencers, Small But Powerful

    Who are micro influencers? Different definition exists, but in general micro-influencers fall between celebrities and top tier mainstream influencers. They do not boast a huge follower base, usually having around 10,000 to 50,000. Of course, according to different brands and market size, the follower size of a micro influencer could go as low as 5,000 […]

  • Guide To Analyzing Followers Growth

    Followers growth graph can seem really straight forward and intuitive – where many would associate sharp spikes and dips to “suspicious activities” immediately. While in some cases this may be true, we should not jump to conclusion too quickly. Here we provide a brief guide to properly analyze followers growth and its reasoning using a […]

  • Finally, The Future Of Influencer Marketing Is Here

    Influencer marketing is finally being properly and formerly recognized on Instagram. For a long time, brands, influencers and users have been frustrating over the blurring of line between sponsored and organic post. This has severely affected brands’ marketing strategy and reputation as well as content creators’ authenticity. Influencer marketing has huge potential and is definitely […]

  • Celebrity and Influencers Face Off, Literally

    Lately, we have seen many celebrities entering into the beauty industry with their own line of beauty products. Several successful Instagram and Youtube influencers who has always been a key opinion leader in the beauty sector has also began to create their own unique line of cosmetics. Here we are sharing a couple of top […]

  • 3-pic or 4-pic grid? Visual artists are freaking out for the new IG update

    Can you recall one of those incredibly neat Instagram accounts where each 3-pic row is perfectly aligned with an unique style and message? For example the amazing Reynolds Kitchens account, where each picture is interconnected with the ones beside and above it. Or the photographer Ng Weijiang who creates fantastic compositions with black & white […]

  • Influencer Marketing and The Consumer Journey

    Most of us (marketers) must have already heard of the consumer journey framework which essentially covers the typical consumer decision making process – from being aware of the need/product to considering the choices and finally the purchase decision. It is the goal of every marketer to revolve their strategies and campaign around these key stages […]

  • Singapore Grand Prix 2017

    What a weekend for all as the 10th Singapore Grand Prix puts on an exciting race – finishing with a total of 3 safety cars and 12 drivers. The race had a wet and chaotic start with a collision that retired 3 top drivers, Ferrari’s Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. The […]

  • Latest Instagram Feature Updates That Brands Need To Know

    Instagram has continue to become one of the top to-go social media network for creators and brands to share their content with the large user base. As it constantly updates its offerings and features, here are some of the latest addition that has significant impact for both influencers, brands and marketers! New ways to share […]

  • Pitfalls Of Social Media Campaign

    With nearly one third of the world using social networks regularly, it is not surprising that social media marketing has become the buzz word among brands and marketers now. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat and the list goes on; more than 83% of all marketers are actively pursuing social media marketing initiatives of sort […]

  • Celebrities and Mean Emojis

    With over 92% of online users using emojis, they have quickly become an iconic form of language in the new digital generation. It is not difficult to spot an emoji or two on any influencers’ post on social media; from widely used emoji like hearts to express their love and support, to the various hand […]

  • Most Mentioned Brands by Influencers in Singapore

    At Popular Chips we analyze any influencer in the world to provide Brands with demographic and performance metrics that help them improve their strategy. While doing so, we also analyze the content that has been published and we’re able to identify real-time trends. This article benefits from a small portion of this data in order […]