July 2017

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  • Spot the fake!

    Influencer marketing is still relatively new but brands who are working on this will definitely agree that the number of followers/subscribers of an influencer is a key metric. This number is crucial for the initial decision making and pitching process. Other details and consideration factor aside, having a huge following will at least mean that […]

  • Wheeler’s Festival Singapore

    Located amongst a picturesque landscape of abundant greenery at the redeveloped Seletar Aerospace Park, Wheeler’s Estate is a multi-concept cafe that comprises of Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Events, Picnic and Cycling. Now, they are going to be holding their very own Wheeler’s Festival this weekend (read on to find out more!). View this post on Instagram […]

  • Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

    Purpose Tour Of Justin Bieber’s Instagram

    At a mere age of 12, Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube through his enormous international following first by his manager and then by Usher who helped him achieve his big break. His rise to fame was so quick that it took him less than a decade to increase his net worth to more than $80 million. 10 […]

  • football soccer instagram

    International Champions Cup: 7 Soccer Players On Instagram

    Socks up, boots on. The football pre-season tournament is ongoing and we are all immersing ourselves in the excitement and adrenaline of the International Champions Cup 2017. This summer, our favourite football teams tour the world and perhaps even grace our city, allowing us to witness the various teams test out different strategies and even debut […]

  • We are rooting for Joseph Schooling!

    During the 2016 Olympics, he was the gold medallist in the 100m butterfly race, attaining Singapore’s very first Olympic gold medal and the whole nation celebrated his victory. He is Joseph Schooling, a 22 years old Singapore swimmer and pride of the nation. This year, Schooling is taking part in the FINA World Championships held […]

  • What exactly is Engagement Rate?

    Engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement a piece of content has received from the audience. In the case of Instagram, engagement rate refers to the total number of times users have interacted with the content posted by accounts by liking and commenting divided by the total following. Total engagement is […]

  • malaysia instagram influencer

    5 Malaysian Influencers You Should Be Looking At [Infographic]

    We all know how stressful it is for marketing managers to choose the best influencer for their influencer marketing campaigns. With zero barriers to entry to the market, new influencers catch our attention every other week and we are completely spoiled for choice.   But fret not.   Here I listed 5 important factors in […]

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast on Instagram

    I am a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan. I think it’s a series that finally shows a new type of funny. It reminds me a bit of Scrubs but with some unexpected twirls. In many other shows you could live without some of the main characters, but in Brooklyn99 you really get to love everyone’s role […]

  • All about the World Emoji Day ???

    World emoji day was just 2 days ago and some of you may be wondering why am i writing a whole article on emoji now? Well, apparently although these tiny pictorial icons may not have replaced text for now, they are getting closer. Ever since the adoption of the emoji keyboard, emoji has revolutionized digital […]

  • Nasi Lemak Burger, did McDonalds nail it?

    Most of you must have already seen this going around your Facebook or Instagram feed and for some, you may have even given it a try last weekend during its launch! Before the launch, the above ad was created to promote the limited edition burger as it pays tribute to the Singapore National Service’s upcoming […]

  • The Secrets of How B2B Companies Succeed at Influencer Marketing

    Okay, enough of B2C marketing, it seems like commercial brands are having all the fun! When we talk about influencer marketing, all we think about is commercial brands marketing their products with professionally edited photos and yoga-like poses of top celebrities and influencers. The truth is that, B2B companies can benefit a lot from influencer […]