June 2017

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  • get hashtagging

    Marketing Hack: Why Hashtags are a Must!

    We all know that social media marketing is OH-SO-important. Instagram has 700 million active users while its stories have hit 200 million users. Top brands across every industry have realised its marketing power and are quick to get on board. But I’m not gonna drone on about the wonders of influencer and social media marketing on Instagram. What I want […]

  • The rise of Wonder Woman

    After a few rather disappointing series (Man of Steel and Suicide Squad) in the past few years, the latest DC film to hit the theatre, Wonder Woman was a resounding commercial success for Warner Bros and DC Entertainment. With a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.1 rating on IMDb and an A on Cinemascore, the film […]

  • 5 Game-Changing Trends in Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is a growing business with many marketers trying to jump onto this lucrative bandwagon. With the growing competition and ever changing trends, it is getting increasingly difficult for brands to build up an effective influencer marketing strategy.  However, by keeping up to date with  influencer marketing trends and being aware of successful marketing […]

  • Happy Father’s D’oh!

    Father’s day is around the corner and while most of us are busy making those last minute gift purchases or reservations for dinners, one can’t help but wonder how father’s day would be at the Simpson’s!  More importantly, would you say Homer is a good or bad dad?? Here are some of my favorite Homer […]

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges Around the World

    (Source: University of Oxford) Do you drag yourself to school everyday? Get sick of having to be stucked in the library all day and night, praying that you have crammed enough information to survive your end of term examinations? I will bet you that if you study in castle-like buildings, having huge, long hallways, libraries […]

  • 3 Influencer Marketing Truths from ‘3 Little Pigs’

    The printed versions of the ‘3 Little Pigs’ might date back to the 1840s but it is still a tale we are all familiar with. It is the one most of us grew up with and within it lies the simplest of wisdom; hard work and dedication pays off. Marketing There is some relevance when […]

  • Orange IS The New Black

    Netflix Most shows go into their 5th Season with some complacency but not Orange Is the New Black. The most watched original series in Netflix has received critical acclaim, particularly praised for humanizing prisoners and for its depiction of race, sexuality, gender and body types. It also generated more viewers and hours viewed in its first […]

  • Ultra EDM Fever Strikes Singapore Again

    Ultra 2017 is finally coming back for the third time to our sunny Singapore shores this June! This is a massive EDM music festival that debuted in Singapore in 2015 and has since spread to over twenty countries. With tickets selling like hot cakes and everyone getting all hyped up about this 2-day event, let’s take […]

  • 5 Snippets of Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is on the rise. We see them everywhere. We are scrolling down our Instagram feed during the morning commute, we might see a great pair of shoes or maybe even a delicious 3 layered lasagne that tempts us to give up our resolute resolve to remain on a low carb diet. Compared to traditional […]

  • Latest changes in Instagram.

    How do you stay ahead in an never ending race? When things are always changing and there is something new to learn every day, how do you stay keep abreast the latest changes? That is one of the main issues businesses face today. The social media landscape is evolving way too quickly. There is always […]

  • Beauty Brands secret

    Top Secret: How These Beauty Brands Turned Into Multi-million Dollar Sensations

    Many times before making a purchasing decision, I’d turn to various social media platforms like Youtube in search of authentic reviews of the product I have in mind. Similarly, most beauty fanatics of today look for word of mouth recommendation by beauty influencers on Instagram and Youtube. Some brands choose to jump on the influencer […]