May 2017

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  • Don’t Judge a Food by its Instagram Post

      (Source: Taco Bell’s instagram account) Rainbow colours, multi-coloured candies, strategically arranged ingredients, fancy looking utensils and good restaurant lighting. All these make up a good Instagram worthy photo. It is becoming a trend these days for food to look aesthetically pleasing so as to get as many likes and comments on Instagram as possible.Taco Bell is […]

  • Selfie Marketing vs Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing Social media has actively shaped how business operate and reach out to their customers. The latest buzz word in the industry has been “Influencer marketing”. Brands like Puma, Adidas, and Loreal have seen great success with this strategy but as the hype approached a plateau, there were some concerns with this approach. We live […]

  • House Of Cards – Alternative Facts vs Facts

    House of Cards -The 5th Season is finally around the corner and yes it is time for my personal binge-watching routine; a basket of mini-assorted sandwiches to go with my pot of Earl Grey Tea. The pairing of fresh bread and the distinct notes of sweet, fresh bergamot orange would tide my stomach’s quellings as I […]

  • The Hidden Dangers of Influencer Marketing

    With Influencer Marketing becoming a popular marketing strategy today, it is no wonder that brands are trying to jump into this growing business. Even though engaging influencers and marketing products through sponsored posts are much cheaper and easier than engaging celebrities, there are still dangers and risks involved in Influencer Marketing which brands should be well aware […]

  • Influencers and Transparency

    With Influencer marketing yielding an average ROI of $6.85 for every $1 invested, it is no wonder why brands are increasingly hopping on this bandwagon. Among the different social media platforms available, Instagram has been the go-to platform for brands to reach out to their customers. The key reason being Instagram alone generates over 80 […]

  • Popular

    House of Cards

    We all know how important it is to enjoy your work. Well, I handle influencer marketing and its analytics at Popular Chips. I can tell you how great a campaign is or which Influencer should be your new best friend. It is pretty fun and everyone here is a great fan of Netflix. We all […]

  • blind marketing

    Warning: Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Are Going Down The Drain

    When hiring influencers, brands first judge them by the number of followers they have, before looking at other metrics regardless of hiring a micro or macro influencer. With a larger following, they hope that their campaign has a wider reach. Such pressures have cultivated a market for fake followers to give off the illusion of […]

  • Pods vs Bots

    Just as many Instagrammers were celebrating the closure of Instagress, a new ‘fad’ was quietly taking its place. It was a transition from ‘Bots’ to ‘Pods’. You would have definitely heard of the term ‘pods’, right? And nope, we are not referring to an adorable ‘school of dolphins’ on Instagram. ‘Pods’ are a group of […]

  • Most Followed Animal Accounts on Instagram

      Who can say no to cute and fluffy animals? For all of you animal lovers out there, these are the top animal accounts on Instagram that will definitely brighten up your whole day and leave you smiling so much, you will look like an idiot. Please proceed at your own risk….you have been warned! Needless to […]

  • Why Brands Fall Flat With Millennials

    Marketers have long been scratching their head when it comes to Millennials. Everyone wants a piece of this elusive target market unicorn but no one can seem to agree on how to retain them. It is not surprising. I mean Millennials are a diverse group of consumers. Rappler, a social news network ran a campaign […]

  • How Many Instagram Accounts Should You Have?

    With Instagram hitting 700 million active users this year, it’s no wonder that majority of local and global brands are turning their marketing strategy towards it. U.S consumers are reported to spend 5 hours per day on their mobile devices most of which is probably on social media like Instagram. Brands thus create Instagram accounts to raise brand awareness and […]