September 2016

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  • Selena Just Broke Instagram

    The Queen of Instagram did it again

    Last March she gained the title of “Queen of Instagram” for being the most followed woman – and account in general – on Instagram (if we exclude @instagram itself). View this post on Instagram Not from my snap but if you want hilarious snaps follow @hungvanngo THANK YOU guys for all the love! So appreciative ALSO: just know that I'm fully […]

  • Selena reaches 100 Million followers on Instagram

    Selena Breaks the 100-Million-Follower Barrier on Instagram

    Despite her current personal struggles, Selena Gomez confirms her position as the Queen of Instagram by breaking the 100-Million-follower barrier! She’s the first account to reach 100 Million followers, if we exclude @instagram itself. Behind Selena, her good friend Taylor Swift follows with 91 Million followers, still 10 Million short from the big 100. Selena’s Instagram […]

  • Selena Breaks Instagram

    Selena Breaks Instagram

    If you think about Instagram you can’t help but think about Selena Gomez: she is, without any doubts, the Queen of Instagram. Just Today she broke the 100,000,000 (100 Millions) follower barrier, confirming her long history of “being the first” on Instagram. Let’s just think about this number: it means that a mass, large as much as […]