April 2016

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  • How to choose the next influencer for your campaign

    Looking for the next great influencer for your marketing campaign? There are a couple of aspects you should check out before embarking on your adventure. You are probably targeting a single country with your campaign; are you sure that the audience of the influencers you have shortlisted is mainly from that country? One of the top strength […]

  • PC Face

    #PCFace Winner is here!

    The PCFace competition ended one week ago and Today we are finally announcing the winner. [drum rolls] The Winner is… @kingamanisme, Influencer and model from Hong-Kong wins the PCFace competition with the following, absolutely stunning shot. View this post on Instagram FASHION IS ART AND YOU ARE THE CANVAS #fashionquote #projecteyewear #pcFace A post shared […]

  • The Big Bang Theory

    The Big Bang Theory cast on Instagram

    After some time you have been watching a TV Series, you start wondering if the actors are just as funny or captivating in real life. Well, for sure, the Big Bang Theory cast is as much fun to follow on Instagram as it is to watch them on TV! So here’s a quick roundup on […]

  • The Flash

    The Flash actors and actresses on Instagram

    So here’s a quick roundup on whom you can follow on Instagram and Twitter.   15. Oliver Queen (The Arrow) – Stephen Amell Would love to see him more often in the show! View this post on Instagram Working on a Saturday Made Easier, by Maverick Amell. A post shared by Stephen Amell (@stephenamell) on […]

  • 9 Charitable Foundations & Non-Profits to follow on Instagram

    Instagram is the perfect visual medium to bring our attention to the world’s biggest problems; through pictures, it is possible to quickly convey emotions; and emotions lead to comprehension and understanding, hopefully bringing help to those in need. Many charitable foundations and non-profits use Instagram to convey their message and spread awarness towards the issues […]

  • The Walking Dead Instagram

    The Walking Dead cast on Instagram

    OK, we are all very angry at the season finale but we really can not wait for months before watching again the awesome cast of AMC – The Walking Dead. So here’s a quick roundup on whom you can follow on Instagram and Twitter. 16. Shane Walsh – Jon Bernthal Loved (actor)/hated (character) him in TWD […]

  • Car Brands You Must Follow on Instagram

    Car Brands You Must Follow on Instagram

    Car enthusiast? Motor devotee? You can easily find your favorite auto makers on Instagram and they have some pretty awesome profiles! Let’s start with the most followed ones! BMW (@bmw) – 6.4m followers Classic models, current cars and future concepts. What more can you ask? View this post on Instagram The integration of new technologies makes the […]

  • Who are the Most Popular Models on Instagram in 2016?

    Today’s modeling landscape is at last evolving. The selection of the perfect beauty and size is gradually shifting from the hands of Model Agencies and designers to that of the regular people who voice their opinions through Instagram. Still fair and size-zero  models dominate the modeling scenario but designers as Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain, and […]

  • Instagram most followed sports

    Top 10 Most-Followed Sports Teams and Associations on Instagram

    American football, soccer, calcio, fùtbol or what else? What teams or leagues are the top ones on Instagram? 10. Premier League (@premierleague) – 5.2m followers Well, soccer or footbal or whatelse, is the world’s most popular sport and UK is its native land. So no surprises the UK Premier League association has such a wide worldwide audience. […]

  • Instagram Explore

    New Instagram feature: Videos you might like & Featured Video channels

    Instagram version 7.20 has been released today both for iOS and Android devices, bringing some new Video features in the Explore section. Instagram has already demonstrated how much they believe in videos by recently announcing they will bring longer video, and by giving more insights to brands/advertisers thanks to the view counts. Now they are […]

  • Instagram Insights for Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia

    In collaboration with the Instagram Marketing Association we realized a quick review on how Instagram has been adopted in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. Most of the data come from the Popular Chips Insights Analytcs platform for Instagram Enjoy!