November 2015

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  • Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are NOT the top Social Media stars

    Since social networks have become popular, the public opinion, magazines and bloggers often use the networks’ metrics to evaluate and rank the global influence of celebrities. First, there was Facebook, then Twitter – very briefly – and nowadays Instagram which is considered the top social media for evaluating the level of influence that Stars and Celebrities have […]

  • Kickstarter project + Instagram stars = success

    So, you have a wonderful Kickstarter project. Kudos! Now you just need to bring interested audience to your project in order to get more pledges and be successful. Yes, you can do some Facebook campaigns. Yes, you can setup your own awesome, themeforest-based showcase website. But what about if some popular Social Media stars promoted […]

  • You shouldn’t hire social influencers based on their followers

    Remember at the beginning of Internet Advertising, when we were buying tons of CPM banners and never knew where our money went? Then the CPC came, and said it was better. At last Performance arrived, and we could finally really know our ROI. Well, when talking about Instagram, we are back to the stone age – marketing speaking. Companies […]

  • Instagram Stars can deeply increase your brand perception

    Learn how to lay down a successful campaign on Instagram involving popular stars and celebrities using Popular Chips services. By involving highly influencing individuals, it is possible to boost brand perception, drive more sales or downloads, improve conversions and increase engagement for existing clients. The beauty of Instagram is its horizontal audience; combined with the all-visual approach, […]

  • Advertising on Instagram – made right

    At Popular Chips, we specialize in delivering high performances via Instagram by involving the top-performing influencers and celebrities. Many companies have started using Instagram and Instagram influencers to vehicle their campaigns but often do not have the experience of understanding the key factors to achieve successful campaigns and maximize their ROI. For this reason, we realized an […]