2 New Instagram Test Features: Keeping All Instagram Stories for 7 Days, Stop Motion Stories

See it first before everyone else!

Instagram is always ‘upping’ their game to keep in on the trends. Here’s some new features they plan on rolling out very soon:

1. Keeping all Instagram stories for 7 days

You heard right! This means that soon, whatever your camera captures via the stories camera will be stored in the app for 7 days, ready to be used anytime.

Courtesy of @giuseppe_twt

You’ll be able to curate your Instagram stories to capture the best moments for your audience members by taking many photos in one moment without the time lag of downloading the images/videos to your phone before taking the next one, which is super neat in my opinion.

2. Stop Motion Stories

Instagram is working on releasing a new way to present your story, via stop motion, which is basically a technique of video taking of taking different pictures of the same object and threading them together to tell a story.

The story tool will look like this:

Courtesy of @wongmjane

Here is also a test of the tool by @wongmjane:

With this update, you now need not tirelessly edit a video update to make it stand out. In fact, you don’t even need to record a video. Just place your phone on somewhere sturdy (like a tripod) and you can take the stop motion ‘video’. Moreover, as seen in the video above, Instagram will provide a ghosting effect so that you know the exact placing of the previous frame to create the perfect shot for your story 🙂

Though the tool only supports up to 10 frames as of now, we believe that Instagram could increase this amount by the time it releases.

I can’t wait until these features are fully rolled out to users, can you? To see more Instagram updates (including newly rolled out ones), click here~

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