13 Reasons Why You Should Follow The Cast on Instagram

If you watch television, you’ve probably heard of the Netflix original series ’13 Reasons Why’. Their first episode was aired only a month ago, yet they’ve been dubbed the most popular TV series on social media in history. As you’ve guessed (or binge- watched), the series only consists of 13 episodes, and the show ended faster than it began. However, our relationship with the cast doesn’t end here. This article tells you 13 reasons why you should follow the cast on Instagram and where to find them.

1. Just like the Netflix series, these characters have deep secrets to share with the fans

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2. Because beautiful people know other beautiful people

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3. They’re artistically inclined

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4. You can find fit-spiration from them

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Scuba Steve

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5. It’s suitable for animal lovers (basically, all human beings)

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this is my dog and i if you couldn't guess

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6. You can get the latest fashion tips on their feed

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7. They kick ass

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8. You can grow old with them

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9. They bare all their talents

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10. They inspire you to make healthy choices

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11. You can get keen insights from them

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💥January 2017💥

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12. In their spare time, they create visual art

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13. They vogue like no one else

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The rest of the cast can be found here:

@timothygranaderos (Montgomery)

@sosiebacon (Skye)

@christianleenavarro (Tony Padilla)




Written by Terri Tan

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