11 Love Comics Wallpapers To Send To Your Palentine / Galentine / Valentine

Valentines, Palentines, and Galentines. Who would win? 

Honestly, as the years go by Valentines Day seems to be more about single-shaming than it is celebrating romantic love. Some couples choose to bask in the commercial glory of the day, booking expensive dates in advance and spending money on flowers and chocolates. Others shun it entirely and combat the Hallmark holiday spirit with “you should appreciate your partner every day, not just on Valentines”. Ok, Brenda. What they both have in common, however, is the fact (or relief) that they’re not single. But let’s face it: we’ve all been single at some point, whether by choice or by circumstance or by age (did anyone really have a boyfriend at 10 years old?). The bonds that have remained untarnished by romance deserve to be celebrated too: gals, pals, and gal pals everywhere.  

So here’s to our friends who’ve stuck by us through thick and thin; through all the hookups, breakups, makeups, and glo-ups. Pick a comic and send it to a great friend. Platonic love is the foundation of all other loves 💘

Here are the 11 Phone Wallpapers to send to your loved one/s ♥‿♥





#5 FIG





#10 CHIP


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