#10yearchallenge: Beauty Influencer edition

I am sure most of your Instagram feeds are flooded with #10yearchallenge from friends, family and celebrities. Now, let me show you the #10yearchallenge done by 10 beauty influencers.

@jaclynhill (6.2M Followers)


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10 years ago I was 18 years old, working as a MAC freelance artist, dealing with bullies & engaged to be married. I was so lost & so confused about life & what I truly wanted. My dad was an addict & taught me a lot of really hard lessons (that I am now thankful for) but at the time, it made me insecure & I never knew what I wanted or deserved. Fast forward to now…. I look better (absolutely!) but I am still figuring everything out! I am so thankful for this journey & grateful for all my lessons & all the bullies I’ve had along the way. I consider them my greatest teachers in life! I look forward to the next 10 years of my life & the journey I am about to embark on ❤️ #10yearchallenge

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@hudabeauty (31.7M Followers)


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Damn, that glow up #10yearchallenge @hudakattan

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#2009vs2019 #pastorPAT #10yearchallenge

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#2009vs2019 from punk rock to CEO 👅 #Myspace #JeffreeStarApproved

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GIRLLLL that #10yearchallenge has me SHOOK! 10 years ago I graduated high school…. I was battling so much internally at the time and never wanted anyone to know so I’d bottle it away and pretended I was always happy and perfect… but the reality was that I was angry! I didn’t understand why I was gay, I didn’t want to be gay, that wasn’t part of my “plan” so I’d hide it away and do my best to never show the world who I truly was… leaping forward a decade and WOW what a difference! Not only have I accepted myself, millions of others have as well! Never give up on yourself, it will get better as long as your continue to strive to be the best you that you can be! ❤️ #2009vs2019

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@alissa.ashley (1M Followers)

@kandeejohnson (1.8M Followers)

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21/31 #10yearchallenge

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