10 Nano-Influencers In Europe That You Need To Follow

There are two types of nano influencers in my opinion. The first type is the one who has no intention to build a career as an influencer, they just happen to be the “popular” one in their community. They would still take your offer if they like your brand. While the second type is the aspiring influencer (the influencer who is still at the beginning of their career). Regardless of what their intention is, here is 10 European Nano-Influencers that worth your follow:

1 & 2 Sarah and Sabrina (@Guessarah & @Guessabrina)

Let’s start the list with the twins who have been getting the spotlight from the fashion industry, even Vogue writes about them in one of their articles. Their name is Sarah and Sabrina Guess. If you expect them to be pictured with matching outfits, well, sometimes they do wear matching outfits but in a very fashionable way. They post their picture together on a joint account, @guesstudio. However, they both have their own Instagram account, @guessarah & @guessabrina.They have worked with brands such as Reebok France.

Sarah has 2,100 followers on her personal Instagram, while Sabrina has 2,200 followers. They both have a high engagement rate, Sarah has 10.67% and Sabrina has 13.06%. They have international followers but the majority of their followers comes from the United States and France.


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How would you wear your suit? We played it classy 💁🏻‍♀️ and … TWINNING

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You got my attention

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3. Joanna Wills (@JoannaWills)

Joanna is a nano influencer who has more than 3,534 followers on Instagram. 82% of her followers are from the United Kingdom, which makes sense because she also lives there. She likes to invite her followers to interact with her, such as by asking her followers to post a picture of them by the sea and use the hashtag #seasidesaturday. This is a smart way to build a connection with the followers, which will then affect the engagement rate. Her engagement is 6.71, which is pretty high. She has worked with brands such as Percy and Reed, Zara, and Quirky UK.

4. Dolii (@Doliista)

Dolii is a French model who has more than 4,500 followers on Instagram. Since she lives in France, it makes sense that 65% of her followers also come from France. Her engagement rate is really high, it is 21.89%. She has worked with brands such as Louison Jeanne.


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mon collier vient de chez @louisonjeanne et vous avez -10% sur tous les bijoux avec le code « doliista10 »✨

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5. Chantelle (@TheGirlInTheTartanScarf

Chantelle, or The Girl In The Tartan Scarf, is a Scottish blogger and vlogger who lives in Glasglow, United Kingdom. Her Instagram page reflects her passion for Fashion and Beauty. Which attracted brands like James Read and WS Woman to work with her on a sponsored post.

She has more than 4,664 followers on Instagram, while on Youtube, she has 4,100 subscribers. Her engagement rate on Instagram is 4.35%, which is on the higher side. Most of her followers come from the United Kingdom (67.64%) and the United States (11.29%).

6. Beth (@PagesFromBeth

Beth is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger who lives in the United Kingdom. She has just recently created a youtube channel with the same name as her Instagram handle. So, I guess she is also a vlogger now. Judging by her pictures, she seems like a bubbly person and she is quite fashionable. No wonder she has 5,000 followers. Her engagement rate is pretty high too, 6.22%. Most of her followers come from the United Kingdom (44.76%), followed by the United States at 15.44%. She has worked with big brands like The Body Shop and Cluse.

7. Sophie Elizabeth (@stylesofsophie)

Sophie Elizabeth is a 21 years old blogger from South West, United Kingdom. Her Instagram feeds are full of pictures of makeup products and herself wearing different outfits. Surprisingly, she has worked with many brands. She even has an Insta Story highlights on her page,  with the title “PR” consisted of her unboxing PR packages videos.  Some of the brands are cosmetics brand such as Freshly Cosmetics.

She has 2,315 followers with 8.94% engagement rate. 69.67% of her followers are from the UK, followed by 8,09% from the United States and the rest are from all over the world.

8. Monica Giglio (@monica_giglio

Monica is a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in Italy. She claims on her bio that she is addicted to shopping and traveling the world. We can definitely tell from her feeds, that it is true. She posted a lot of pictures from different parts of the world.

She has more than 3,300 that follows her on Instagram. Her followers actively give likes and comments on her page, making her engagement rate as high as 9.68%. More than 80% of her followers come from Italy, this is a good influencer to work with if a brand is looking for local reach. She has done a sponsored post for brands like Rosefield Watches.

9. Emma (@theonshoremom)

Emma is a lifestyle blogger based in the United Kingdom. She posted a lot of pictures of her adorable kids and we definitely would not complain. She has worked with brands who targeted moms such as a maternity lingerie brand, Charley Maternity. This collaboration makes sense considering 58% of her followers are female. Her engagement rate is 8.80%, it is quite good considering she has 4,761 followers. More than 74% of her followers are from the United Kingdom.

10. Callum (@CallumParadise)

Last but not least, a talented makeup artist and YouTuber from Germany, Callum. He is only 21 years old but his makeup skills are amazing. He can definitely be the next James Charles. Right now, he has 3,575 followers on Instagram with 5.53% engagement rate. He has an international follower, 55% of his followers are from German, 7.37% are from United States and the rest are from all over the world.

So, that’s all the 10 nano influencers! Which one have you followed?

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